The Delta Variant Coronavirus Infection Started Spreading in China

The Delta Variant Coronavirus Infection Started Spreading in China


Coronavirus infection has started spreading in China once again. Experts say that the spread of the infection is due to the ‘Delta variant’. 

Chinese official newspaper Global Times According to the corona infection has now spread to 11 provinces in China. Chinese public health experts have warned that the situation could worsen in Nanjing in July 2020. But experts say the infection will be brought under control within a month if all standards and mechanisms are put in place.

A further 133 cases of corona infection were confirmed in China last week. Of them, 106 were wanderers. According to the Global Times, there are 13 different groups that have been confirmed infected. Lately, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has seen more infections. According to the National Health Commission, infections have been reported in various parts of China since October 17.

The main reason for the transition is inter-regional tourism, the commission said. According to senior Chinese health officials, there are few similarities between the latest virus and the one seen in China.

At present, the epidemic is in the rapid development stage, as cases of infections that are not related to tour groups have been increasing. As screening work continues, the number of infections is anticipated to increase, with the areas affected also expanding, Wu said. 

Ejin Banner in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has come under the spotlight amid the latest epidemic resurgence, as almost all the domestically transmitted cases were part of tour groups travelling to the county-level division in the region that borders Mongolia, the latest transmission chains. showed. 

Since October 17, the new round of domestic infections has occurred in multiple places and spread to 11 provinces within one week. Most of the infections are related to cross-regional tourism-related activities and the risks of the epidemic further expanding have been increasing, according to the NHC. 

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