Samikshya Adhikari Explains About the Relationship with Paul Shah

Samikshya Adhikari Explains About the Relationship with Paul Shah

Raising star singer Samikshya Adhakiri has explained all the detail about the relationship between Paul Shah and her. She has posted a long status on Social Media Facebook. Samikshaya has requested all the media not to publish any fake information about her regarding personal issues.

Samikshya Adhikari writes


I would like to extend my heartfelt respect to all my audience members who will make me a review officer. Lately, there have been rumours about me not being associated with the protagonist Pal Shah Jew. I have drawn serious attention to this. In the news, the relationship between me and Paul Ji has been broken and trivial things have come up in the media which has killed my character. At the same time, they are betting on cheap promotions that could jeopardize Paul Ji’s career. I request you not to do this. My family and I regret that this unwritten rumour has had a profound effect on us socially and morally. Being in the same industry,

Paul loves me as a parent, the love he loves all his colleagues and will continue to do. You protect my art and ability. I am always a fan of him. And there is no immoral relationship between us and we are just working together and will always do good as long as you love us. I am very saddened by the news written by the elders and veteran guardians of journalism, which is considered as the fourth organ of the nation, in such a way as to tarnish the image of the people. I didn’t expect that.

Wherever I am, all this is the gift of my God-like audience and nothing can and will disappoint you. I strongly condemn the false news about me in the media and I request you not to follow it. In the end, I would like to make a heartfelt request to all the Jewish journalists not to make news in a way that would harm one’s personal life and degrade one’s character.

Lots of love to all

Thank you.🙏