Facebook is Going to be Known as ‘META’

Facebook is now known as ‘Meta’

The social networking company Facebook is now known as ‘Meta’. Some time ago, Facebook was widely discussed on social media about the name change.  There were also reports that Facebook would change the company’s name at its annual conference.  Facebook said the debate on social media was not correct.  However, after 9 days of debate, it has proved to be true.  

What is the effect on the Facebook account after the name change of the company?  What is the impact on Instagram and WhatsApp, which are part of Facebook?  Do users need to create a separate account for Meta?  We have tried to answer all such questions.

First of all, let’s talk about why Facebook was renamed and what its impact is.  Facebook is a company that is the parent company of many companies like Instagram and WhatsApp.  That’s why CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to bring all platforms, big and small, under one company.  That is why he has prepared ‘Metavers’.  Metavers has now become the parent company of 93 companies.  Zuckerberg understands that they should not lag behind in the competition of technology as they have started technology.  That is why Metavers was prepared.  For the past few months, Facebook has been in controversy in one way or another.  Former Facebook employees have made serious revelations about the company’s policy.  Many media companies have even called Facebook a ‘fakebook’.  It is said that the negative publicity of the company will decrease after changing the name in such a situation.  Not only Facebook but also big companies like Microsoft are investing in Metavers.

What is Metaverse and why did Facebook choose this name?

The evolution of virtual reality is called metavers.  Generally speaking, Metavers is a world that can be felt.  Using this technology, one can enter the digital world with virtual identity.  This is a parallel world where you have a separate identity.  In that parallel world, you can travel, buy things, and meet your friends and relatives.  In the future, more advanced versions of this technology will be able to touch and smell objects.  Science fiction writer Neil Stephenson first used the word metavers in his 1992 novel Snow Crash.

Nothing changes for you

Being a metaverse name won’t change anything for you.  It will not affect your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts.  All these social networks can be used as before with their own login ID and password.  In the coming days, the company is also likely to connect apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram with Metavers.  Or, users with the same login and password will be able to use all the apps.  This will be more beneficial to the company as the user will not open any of these apps for many days but the app will always be open.

Although Facebook has changed the name of the company to Metavars, it is not known whether the structure of the new company will be the same as the old one.  Has the new company just changed its name and face or changed its business model?  The question remains unanswered.

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