Comedy Champion Bharatmani Poudel’s Lifestyle

Comedy Champion Bharatmani Poudel's Lifestyle

Bharat Mani Paudel is the winner of the Comedy reality show “ Comedy Champion Season-2”. Undoubtedly, Paudel is a talented and versatile content-based comedian. Not only among the youngsters but also, he is popular among all the age genera. Because of the caricature of many famous comedians, politicians and former prince Paras Shah, he came into the spotlight. He earned the title leaving behind fine comedians Bikkey Agrawal and Santosh Thapa.


Bharat Mani Paudel

Date of birth

July 11, 1995






Yuba Barsa Secondary school

Kanchan Academy Secondary School

Bhanu Jana Higher Secondary School

Brilliant Multiple College

GP Memorial College

Famous for

Winner  of Comedy Champion Season 2

Current living



Comedy, Singing





Early life and education

Bharat Mani Paudel was born in the Fungling municipality of Taplejung. He was born as the eldest child of his parents Shiva Prasad Paudel and Devi Paudel. Paudel family runs a coffee shop in Taplejung and belongs to the middle class. Likewise, he has a younger sister, Kopila and a brother Nukesh.

Bharat Mani  stepped into the Yuba Barsa Secondary School and studied up to class seven. Then, he moved to Kanchan Academy Secondary school. He was weak in English since his childhood. For this reason, he failed in English in SLC. He passed by giving a partial examination.

Besides, he joined “Bhanu Jana Higher Secondary School”. He was focusing on the various stage performance during those days. So, he failed again. However,  He did not lose hope. Later, after moving to Kathmandu, he joined Brilliant Multiple College and completed his secondary level. In addition to these, he has joined GP Memorial College and continuing his bachelor’s degree.

Bharat Mani Paudel Age and Birthday

Bharat Mani Paudel was born in 1995, and he celebrates his birthday on 11th July every year.

As of 2021, he is 26 years old.

Career and Journey as a Comedian

Firstly, Bharat Mani Paudel was very interested in comedy. Also, Paudel used to do mimicry of famous comedians, actors and politicians during his school days. Later, he started to work in a radio Taplejung and hosted a program ‘Super Duplicate’. Even though he used to get very few pennies, he struggled for his success. Further, he joined a Radio Tamor where he hosted a program ‘Tension Free’. As revealed by his interview, he got a golden opportunity to explore himself after moving to Kathmandu. He got a chance to work in the tele serial Bhadragol. Besides, he also worked for Sakkigoni. Not only this but also he used to perform on many stage shows and concerts. Moreover, Paudel also presented his performance on ‘Gaijatra 2077.’

Bharat Mani was in the spotlight after he got selected on a comedy reality show, Comedy Champion. The platform leads him to the winner. Undoubtedly, Paudel was a deserving candidate for the Comedy champion. He made his fans laugh with his performance. Later, his fans made him laugh by giving a considerable vote and making him a winner of  “Comedy Champion Season-2”. Consequently, Bharat Mani won the title of Comedy Champion Season 2. On the whole, Paudel won 25 lakhs and a car along with a trophy.

Bharat Mani Paudel Relationship and affairs

Bharat Mani is out of any affairs and personal relationship and is single. However, he has been facing many proposals in recent days. For instance, Paudel does not have any satisfying relationship and is not dating anyone.

Hobbies and Passion

Bharat Mani Paudel is not only a good comedian, but also he sings very well. Also, he loves to sing. Moreover, he likes to play Snooker, and it is his best game.

Secrets on Bharat Mani Paudel

He is used to doing mimicry of present Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba without knowing him.

Paudel has done many stage performances within Nepal and has performed abroad in Korea too.

Bharat Mani is the winner of “Comedy Champion Season-2.”

Social Media Activities

Bharat Mani is active on Facebook with his name and has a 36k fan following. Moreover, we can find him on Instagram too.

Bharatmani Poudel

The only name is enough for now. Because he is known everywhere, from comedy. These Taplejunge boys won the hearts of everyone from the stage of comedy champions. His unique sense of humor and presentation gave him a new identity as a comedian. How does the diary of the same Bharatmani go? What is her diet like?

How does your diary start Is the time to get up the same or different?

I usually get up around 7 o’clock. However, there is no schedule after the champion. Many people living in the country and abroad are sending their best wishes through social media. I also thanked them. That is why I have to go to bed a little late today. But, I will arrange the bed-wake schedule soon. I had to go to college a year before this. At that time I got up at 6 o’clock.

What is the habit of using mobile phone in bed after waking up?

I drive. It is customary to open the mobile and watch the news while in bed.

What is the habit of morning worship, yoga-meditation or other exercise?

I get up and drink water. Then I get fresh. I have a lot of faith in God. But, there is no habit of worshiping after waking up. I remember God in my heart. Birthday, I go to the temple when I have a very bad dream. There is no habit of doing yoga-meditation or other exercises.

What do you eat for breakfast

I only drink water, I don’t have to eat breakfast in the morning. I am suffering from gastric ulcer but I don’t like breakfast in the morning. In the past, when they were in the village, they used to eat fried milk, maize and rice. After coming to Kathmandu, I used to eat samosas in college in the morning. In the present context, get up and watch the news for a while, then freshen up. And I watch Facebook, YouTube. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So I don’t usually eat breakfast in the morning.

Make your own food What time do you eat

When there is a brother, it is usually made by the brother. I had to make it myself when I didn’t have a brother. If I feel lazy at last, I will go to my friend (haha). Meal time is between 9:30 and 10:30.

How long does it take to cook food?

When you start cooking, you feel a little lazy. When hands are touched, then cooking, washing dishes, cleaning is not difficult.

What kind of food do you like What happens to food?

Teeth, rice, vegetables. Pickles are made according to the price of tomatoes (hahaha…). If the price of tomato has gone down, then it becomes pickle. I don’t really need lentils. Even if it is only rice and vegetables. If my brother and I are both, we also cook dal. This is what I need, otherwise I shouldn’t eat.

Do you make food sweet

My close friends praise me for making it sweet. They are also lazy to come to eat me (haha…). If you make it sweet, then it will come back tomorrow.

How much fish do you eat?

I am a victim of fish and meat. If there is no fish in two or three days, it seems as if I have missed it. I grew up in a tribal community. I have been watching and eating fish and meat since I was a child. Since I found out, I used to eat khasi meat 2 days a week. In Chhetri Brahmins, chickens and pigs were not allowed in the Kitchen. After coming to Kathmandu, I started eating more chicken and fish. Now I am cooking khasi, chicken and fish. Naljai means I am also bringing the meat of Bangur and cooking it.

What is your favorite dish?

I prefer local chicken.

How much do you eat out at restaurants?

I rarely eat alone. I am eating with my friends.

How diligent are you in washing clothes, washing dishes, and cleaning?

When I was in Taplejung, I used to cover my house. Neighbors used to say that Bharat’s wife would get a lot of happiness. Even here, washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning is not very difficult.

What is the hardest job in the house?

Sometimes lazy eating utensils are left out. It is difficult to wash it after a few days. It doesn’t seem to be getting cut, it seems difficult. Sometimes the clothes are soaked in the water so that they can be washed. But, where does the friend call? I feel lazy when I come out. In two-three days, the clothes are adorned, it is very difficult to wash them.

What time is it when you go out

I don’t go out just like that. So this is not exactly the time to go out. I go out according to when the work is done.

How long does it take to get ready before you go out?

It doesn’t take much time. It takes two to three minutes to comb the hair. As the hair is long, the locks should be split. Other preparations do not take much time.

How comfortable are the clothes?

Casual dress looks comfortable. I go out wearing a shirt, pants or jacket and pants. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a suit. I like to go to special events wearing shorts, points and coats.

How much do you like clothes?

Not so fond. Friends say – the same shoes, the same shirt, the same pants, the same jacket. The income had to be good to buy differently. Now it can be done! I have been wearing what I feel comfortable with. I am buying two or three points from the same company. They always look the same even if I change it. Now I have bought differently. Now they even tease him that he has changed. I like to wear different, stylish shoes. My favorite shoes are expensive. I couldn’t afford it. Now you are sending shoes and other gifts from abroad. Now I am changing my shoes. The shoes look unique.

If you like clothes or shoes, do you buy them everywhere or do you want to go to a good place?

Don’t have to buy. I think it will be better after buying. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. I buy well by searching.

What color do you like

I have blue and white. I think the light is visible. But the shirts I am wearing are of different colors. I am wearing point black. Shirts, jackets, coats prefer white and blue. If you don’t have white and blue, it doesn’t mean you won’t wear it.

What vehicle do you use?

I have been riding Pulsar Twenty since 2018. Now I am learning to drive a car.

How do you spend your day

Now, after the champion, my routine has become a little different. In the past, I used to do my own thing, like editing programs on the radio. He also made short videos for YouTube. Right now I am focusing on content writing. Let’s see how good it can be. I also give priority to meeting friends as much as possible. College, formerly working, are friends from the village. I am trying to give as much time as possible to all my friends.

How many friends are there in the field of art?

I’m an expert at making friends. You are my friends not only in art but in all fields. For some reason, I feel like I have the most friends in the world. There are many friends who do politics. There are also many friends who are struggling in the field of art. The businessman is also a friend. Not only from the east, but also from the west after coming to Kathmandu.

A close friend in the field of art?

In art, Suman Koirala is a close friend.

How many phone calls a day?

Now there is talk of programs. Listening to them, I am keeping my word. The phone is ringing a lot. Now there are about 40 phone calls a day.

How much does it cost on an average day?

Living at home often does not cost. If you have to eat outside, it will cost money. That’s not all.

What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

I bought a bike with the money I brought from a stage program in Hong Kong. I bought a bike for Rs 3 lakh by asking for Rs 2 lakh from my own income and Rs 1 lakh from home. Others do not buy such expensive goods themselves. Lately, I have been buying drawers and sofas myself. That too seemed too expensive.

What is your favorite nature

I also give a lot of respect to others. I don’t want anyone to be upset because of me. I like that thing.

Anything to improve this habit?

There are many. I get even angrier. If someone talks for a long time, it starts to get boring.

What habits do your friends like?

Not liking friends is my quick temper. Friends say you get angry quickly man. Otherwise, there is no such thing as friends complaining. But even if I get angry quickly, I will soon get angry.

How much do you read

I always feel like reading. But, I haven’t read many books. Since the advent of the internet, I have not been given time to read a book after finding new things in it. That seems to be my biggest weakness.

How often do you watch movies

I’ll watch as much as I can.

Favorite movie

There are many old favorite movies. Lately, ‘TalkJung Versus Tulke’ has been very good. Loot, Pashupati Prasad, Chakka Panja, Kabaddi Kabaddi and other movies are my favorite movies.

Favorite actor-actress?

Almost everyone likes it. I like Vipin Karki very much. I like Dayahang Rai. I like the actress Sirjana Subba, the head of the menu, Laxmi Bardewa. I like their acting.

Favorite singers?

My favorite singer is Sugam Dai. We are also close in a way. I have been a fan of him since I was a child. There are many singers. I like the entry officer very much. I like Vidyamanju Tiwari. I also like Anju Pant, Melina Rai, Asmita Adhikari.

How much do you like to hang out

I also enjoy walking around. Because I come from the tourist area. If I have time and money while in Kathmandu, I will go to Pokhara.

What is your favorite place

My favorite so far is Taplejung. This is not just to promote. There are many beautiful places in Taplejung. As far as I have reached, no one has gone there and the picture of that place has not come anywhere. There are places to walk for 11 days. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

What time do you return home in the evening?

The work is done by looking. I usually return at 7-8 o’clock.

What time do you have dinner

Within 9 to 10 p.m.

How much do you use Facebook, Tiktak, YouTube in the evening?

I am active on Facebook. I have not made the ticket myself by working very hard. I don’t think acting comes a lot. I haven’t made a lot of tickets for acting. It’s fun to watch. I am active on Facebook and Intragram. Spend more time on social media in your free time than in the evening.

What is the habit of drinking alcohol?

I often like to drink at home. When friends come from abroad, when you come from the district. One day I meet friends who I haven’t met for a long time. I drink when I meet such friends. But, it is not necessary to drink.

What time do you sleep?

11 o’clock