Prakash Dutraj’s Come Back With ‘JAM VO MAILI’


Prakash Dutraj came back with Jam bho Maili after various series of successful music videos. Dutraj is a wonderful folk singer. The unique voice and melody have given a typical folk tuning in the music. 

Prakash Dutraj's Come Back with JAM VO MAILI

Jam Vo Maili as story and music; tries to capture the social evil of girls trafficking which was a serious issue in the first decade of 2000 in Nepal. The expectation of the happy life and the face love and trap by the traffickers has been presented as the story of the video however the video and the lyrics have two different stories, The combination of video, story, and lyrics gives us a type of folk pleasure through the music.

Finally, the story of the music video and the music gives us entertainment as well as supper message to be considered by the new generation and especially girls from a rural area. The video has been concluded with the positive notion and successful love story of the Maili and his love probably Mailo. Prakash Dutraj presented himself in his most of the videos as an artist. The dialogue Delivery and acting perfectly match him with the traditional Nepali cultural dresses.

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Dutraj’s Laaunna Daajai Pirati has obtained 10M views on youtube. Launna Dajai Pirati is also a folk song having a traditional story related to the culture around the Myagdi district. Along with amazing music, lyrics, and acting, the story presented in the video gives amazing vibes to the audience and listener.

The costume and choreography of the visual made for the song Lauunna Dajai Pirati has started in a forest setting where four travelers have to spend a night in the forest. Accidentally the two groups encountered and made an agreement to walk together to pass the way to their village. The story of the video song starts with short anecdotes where the artist talked about the returning of the Batauli. Batauli is the traditional trade center for the then Kaligandaki river area. Where people used to travel for market commodity and economic activities.

During the song the audio and visual share the notion of a traditional love story. Though the regular point of the song is negative the song and the story concluded with a positive notion of love. The boy finally convinces the girl for him and concludes with a positive reaction of the girl for the future.

The triangulation of video, video story, and the lyrics along with the acting of the artist has been amazingly presented as a package for entertainment. The video is well accepted by all the generations; children to the one and has become popular around the country. The national media has given high priority and space to the video and the audio. 

Prakash Dutraj's Come Back with JAM VO MAILI

The song has created a wide range of space in Tik-Tok and the celebrities have made many Tik-Tok videos on social media.

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