Youth Excitement in Prakash Paudel’s Candidacy

Beni, Myagdi

Youth are excited with the candidacy of Prakash Poudel in Provincial Assembly. The process of recommending candidates of their parties for the elections of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly, which is not going to be held on Mansir 4, 2079, is continuing in Myagdi. In Magdi, CPN-UML has recommended Prakash Poudel, the president of ANNFSU Gandaki Province, to the Provincial Assembly. 


The country’s politics are trying to change, so the voters are getting excited about the youth’s candidacy. It seems that Myagdi UML will be successful in maintaining its legacy under his leadership, seeing the enthusiasm of the people who expressed solidarity with Prakash’s candidacy from home and abroad.


Myagdi is excited by the candidacy of Prakash Paudel, who has been active in politics since childhood. Many young people are supporting Prakash Poudel’s candidacy and requesting CPN-UML to field a young candidate in the election arena. Prakash Paudel is famous for his nature of never returning to the flower after raising a case and his volunteer activities.


During India’s blockade in 2072, for the first time in Nepal, an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was burnt in the campus square of Myagdi Beni, which was led by ANNFSU Myagdi and Prakash Poudel was the president. Prakash Poudel is active as a volunteer in the earthquake and flood in the work of publicizing and taking action against the black market during the blockade.


Prakash Poudel’s political stature increased after the protest of Manipal Medical College. Remembering the protest, he says that there was no money to buy locks in his pocket.


He proudly arranged vehicles for more than 10,000 citizens of Myagdi who were stopped at various places due to the lockdown. More than 3,000 patients were provided beds in the hospital by operating the helpline. His contribution to the management of Uddar hospital during the corona crisis is important. 

Dinesh Jung Katuwal Writes about Prakash Paudel:

Youth leadership this time!!

Prakash Paudel’s age is about 11/12 years. He had played to collect funds for the construction of the building of the Mangalaghat Mother Group. At that time, he was the one who was making Bhailo Bhatta and singing songs.


From a young age, he has the idea that society and the poor should be helped. Under the leadership of Prakash, the Baudha Youth Club successfully won the football match in Dhaulagiri for the first time in a grand and dignified manner.


I have no bias toward any political party. The only interest is that the district gets a good capable leader. If the CPN-UML hopes to win the election from Region A, this shift will happen when the party nominates Prakash Paudel from Myagdi Region A.

  • About 19 months experience of working as PA of Minister of Social Development of Gandaki Province.
  • Under the leadership of Bhai, out of 100 students studying MBBS in Manipal Teaching Hospital, the government succeeded in getting back the amount of 63.3 million from one student at the rate of 6.333 thousand.
  • When there is a disaster in the district, when there is a problem for the poor, take the lead in social work.
  • To be proactive in drawing attention to the state machinery.
  • Society thought that something should be done for the district. Able to work around the clock.

Note: No matter which party nominates the youth, there will be full support.