What is a Good Paragraph?


A paragraph is a group of sentences about a single topic. That means a single paragraph introduces, present and develops one main idea about the topic. Remember, it develops one main idea through a series of related sentences. this main idea is usually introduced in the first sentence of the paragraph, called the topic sentence. The idea is than developed further through the sentences that follows. Paragraphs pay an important role in writing because they provide a framework for organizing your ideas in logical ideas.

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To write a paragraph first we should know what a paragraph is. A good paragraph consist of a group of sentences which contain relevant information about one main idea. Since a good paragraph focuses in only one main idea that is expected in the topic sentence, we need to construct a good  topic sentence as the starting point. Once we have a clue to start, we can than write the rest of the paragraph successfully. The topic sentence guide us to select information- to include relevant information, but to exclude what is irrelevant.  Therefore it is important for the topic sentence to have a clear central idea; this idea functions to control the contents of the paragraph.

Using a clear structure for your paragraphs helps guide the reader through your written work. The above key terms also define a basic paragraph structure. A useful way of understanding paragraph structure is to think of it as a block that is divided in to three sections:

    1. The beginning
    2. The middle 
    3. The end 

What does each section consist of a good paragraph?

What does each section consist of a good paragraph