Sunita Dangol on the Preliminary Result of Balen Shah for Mayor

Sunita Dangol on the Preliminary result of Balen Shah for Mayor


There is a growing interest among Nepalis living in the country and abroad for the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Balen Shah, who has been dodging by maintaining a continuous lead in the Kathmandu metropolis, is moving forward at a fast pace. Various projections and analyzes have shown that Balen will be the mayor of Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, in Kathmandu, the competition for mayor is as exciting as the competition for deputy mayor. CPN-UML’s Sunita Dangol is three times ahead of her opposition in the bypoll. According to the latest poll results, Sunita has 9421 votes. His rival Rameshwar Shrestha of the Unified Socialists has 2664 votes.

After a lot of disagreement in the initial stage, there is speculation that Dangol will easily win the bypoll. Dangol has responded that her vote is the love and trust of the people of Kathmandu. “The more votes there are, the more responsibility there is,” she told an online news outlet. This is the love and faith shown by the people of Kathmandu in me. ‘

Dangol, who is also the winner of Miss Newa-2011, initially wanted to be the mayor of Kathmandu this time. For that, she was thinking of becoming independent if she did not join any party as much as possible. But after the UML proposed the deputy mayor at the last moment, Dangol agreed to it.

While Dangol was getting the mentioned votes for the post of deputy mayor, Keshav Sthapit, the mayoral candidate from UML, is not getting the votes as he did. While Dangol got about 10,000 votes, Sthapit has 5841 votes. Independent candidate Balen Shah has trailed him by more than 5,000 votes.

As Balen has been taking the lead since the beginning, people outside are talking about winning the mayoral race. Dangol says the mayor’s results are unpredictable right now. He says it is too early to say whether Balen will be the next mayor. He said that UML will come forward again and win the mayor.

Mentioning that the counting of votes is at an early stage, Dangol said, “Many votes have not been counted yet. I’m not too excited about myself either. So don’t go for the ‘conclusion’ right now. ‘ Stating that more votes are yet to be counted, Dangol said that UML will win the mayoral post.

“I think we’re doing well. I am waiting patiently. I am still optimistic, ‘she said. Saying that only a few wards are being counted now, Dangol said that the same party will not dominate everywhere.

She says, “At present, only four or five wards have been counted. Not everyone likes equality everywhere. I say ‘wait and watch. You will know when the result comes. ‘ Keshav Sthapit himself has already responded that his victory is assured. Earlier, he had said that he would win and Balen Shah would be third.