Would you like to be The ‘Teacher’?

Manoj Neupane, Jhapa

Teachers undoubtedly are the life changers. It would be old-fashioned to summon them as candles and sailors. The time has changed the perspectives to observe them. In my point of view, now they should be called pathfinders. The teacher is always ready to do what comes in front .The opinions on teacher of people vary from one part of the world to another. The difference in opinion of people is caused by certain factors like literacy rate, economic state, political development as well as social prosperity.

In the context of the American, the Australian and the European nations, they are regarded as real angels for sending the message of education to the naive meadow like minds and souls. They help their students to show the difference between rights and wrongs. They grow with students. They inspire and nurture them with seeds of knowledge. They work not for money but for service. The governments of those countries eye them with the men of perfections and so they are. There won’t be any alley between learner and teacher. The students express to what they have not understood and show great passion to master them. Obviously, the teachers are credited for that because they don’t just rush homes to hit the hay. They canvas each and every one with ample limelight. They unlock the vested possibilities of students.

In the context of Nepal, teachers have been blamed to be time passers. They just don’t be dutiful. The Nepalese teachers are not tech-friendly unlike those of developed countries. It has been found that the schools are for doing political affairs. It keeps great importance to which party you belong to. Even the so called reputed schools have such activities. The teachers show braggart behaviour over the permanent jobs. They act like fearless soldiers and halt the educational activities to go smooth. Not only that, they have ego to reflect the superiority as to be locals. Not only just teachers, even the head teachers show power and hoity-toity manners. They misuse school´s property and use as their own parental ones. Apart from these all, the regulatory bodies are also corrupted and dance as the Madal played by schools.

At last, it’s not just the way schools should run, for that local people should often go to school and show profound concern to all the affairs. The stakeholders should not turn their heads away. A good citizen always looks after various things day in and day out.

Now, the time is about to fly, so let`s join hands together to ameliorate the deplorable conditions of schools which are owned by government. The government pours huge sum of money every year and that is misused and wasted every year as rituals. I know, you have different dreams, ambitions and opinions but how long will we aside the matters of national intersts. My pals, seniors and well-wishers having caliber, let us be the woven garland to throw out-dated and reckless people and traditions from the holy place i.e “Schools”. For that you must be aspired to the profession. Let`s change children-countrymen and future of our nation so as to make a utopia for academic hub. I am a teacher and I’m alone .But I’ve already initiated doing aforementioned points. Would you support to purify schools ? Would you like to be the teacher?

The writer is an English teacher at GOVERNMENT school.