What Happens During and After Death?  Why 13-Days’ Death Rites?

What Happens at and After Death?  Why 13-Days’ Death Rites?

What Happens During and After Death

– Vallabh Chaitanya Das

It is not necessary to follow any of the instructions of the Vedic Sanatan Dharma Shastra just because it is a custom that has been followed throughout the Hachuva or as a ritual.  There must be a reason behind any action, and there can be no reason behind the supreme scriptural Vedic instruction  it is impossible.  What you don’t know or don’t understand is your ignorance, it is your foolishness to doubt the scriptures.

There are two physical and spiritual reasons behind the 13-day ritual process.

1.  Spiritual Reasons:

Just as the guarantee of a running time period of a watch is set by the companies, as if it is 10 years, so is this body (we are not the body, we are the soul), the time is also fixed of living in this world of death.

But even that 10 year guaranteed watch can be smashed with a stone on the first day or broken in half a year by using it indefinitely, as well as a body that has been given a certain period of time in this world of death by killing (poison or hanging or accident etc.)  By using (meat, alcohol, smoking, etc.) can be destroyed long before the period of living.

Even if the body received earlier than a certain period of time is destroyed, the subtle body of the human soul must remain in this mortal world for the same period of time until it attains another speed. Thus, the state of your or my transit time without a body is a ghost state.
Phantom state (you or I with a subtle body that has lost a gross body) is very frightening.  As the gross body dies, the living entity comes out with the subtle body.  He sees his relatives crying and tries to call them, but no one listens to him.  He shouts, “This is me,” but no one hears his screams, he only sees all around his dead groaning body.  Due to attachment, that subtle-bodied being begins to wander wherever its dead gross body goes.

“You die !!!  You left the body, go at your own pace !!! ”  The ghost that should be given the message that when he sees his companions crying, he becomes even more sad.  That is why the scriptures forbid weeping.
There is a scriptural instruction to destroy the gross body as soon as possible to give the impression that the living soul is “dead”.  Fire destroys the body completely and destroys the attachment of the living entity to its own body. On the contrary, in Western rites or other rituals, the dead gross body is buried in the ground and the living entity wanders around its dead gross body in attachment.  His desires / aspirations are the same as they were when he was in the body, but he cannot do anything without the body.  The addict lives around his own house / family.  He sees that the wealth he has accumulated all his life due to greed and misery has been misappropriated by others, he sees the man / woman he is addicted to rejoices in the fire of others, he suffers but he cannot do anything.
Man is born to attain God.  After the death of their husband or wife, the Vedic scriptures instruct both husband and wife to “renounce the lust of the opposite sex as much as possible from now on and recite the Ishwar Bhajan.”  In order to minimize the possibility of male bees around the widow like a bee in a flower, the widow is kept away from wearing makeup, hiding in white clothes, etc., and from now on, the main goal of human life is requested to be in Shrihari Bhajan as much as possible.  But so-called modern so-called modern women or women’s rights activists, immersed in the culture of the West, soaked in sense gratification and sexual gratification, also see such a targeted demand as a bondage, shouting that “women are despised by religion.”

If the dead body is not buried, air is expelled from the dead body.  Since the frequency and vibration of the air coming out of the decaying stinking body is negative, it has tamasic properties due to which there is an increase in the tamas component in the immediate environment, as a result of which other strong micro-bodied tamanguni creatures like ghosts / phantoms / phantoms / tamasic tantriks are attracted to it.  Such tamasic power controls the five main life force of the body (prana / apan / van / samana / udan) and other co-soul power (dhananjaya / naga / kurma / krikal / devadatta) over the dead gross body and captures the body and invisible to the ordinary human eye like a cloud around the body.  They create black power.  This black power can be identified by the Tantric Siddha Yogi who has activated the sixth sense.  In this way, after capturing the dead gross body with the power of the five souls and co-souls, these tamasic forces lead to the capture of the subtle-bodied living beings of that body. Due to the lack of attachment and spiritual knowledge in the subtle body of that dead gross body, the body is still clinging to material desires / aspirations.  Full of attachment, he is attracted to his dead body, he is also drawn by the unspoken power to be expelled from the undamaged dead gross body.  Ghosts / Phantoms / Phantoms / Tamasic Tantrics make this latent power a means to reach the subtle-bodied living beings and they subdue the subtle-bodied beings with their tamasic power.  In this way, there is a race to subdue the living beings living in that microcosm, to make your tamasic power even more powerful, to join you in your group, to make you a slave.  What would happen if you were possessed by such a vengeful power?  If you are still in the grip of a powerful vengeful power, even if your time in this world of death is over or the time has come to set a new speed, it will not set you free for another speed.  To be free in such a situation, either you have to have the direct intervention of Lord Shiva or you have to listen to the story of Bhagavata Mahapurana recited by your relatives with reverence even if it is in the form of a slave ghost, otherwise the ghost will fall into the vagina for eternity.
The 13-day ritual is to free you or my son, etc., who have reached the haunted house, with the help of Vedic mantras and methods, to qualify for VISA, at least for the above-mentioned human-human world or above-god-human world or patriarchal world.  According to the Garuna Purana, every day for 13 days, after losing a gross body, we get a new new body like legs, hips, torso, chest, head etc.  If all the processes are pure, you will be freed from the phantom body and you will be eligible for VISA, VISA will be approved, you will be free from Phantom.

Sadhus, saints, Mahatmas, etc., who are in full Vedic conduct, first of all, because of their dignified Vedic way of life (not to consume meat, alcohol, smoking, etc., to be free from jealousy, hatred, etc.), save the time of full body, that is, they do not have to go to the vagina.  Since the body does not remain addicted to the world after death, therefore, the scriptures instruct that there is no need for 13 days of rituals including cremation in favor of saints, saints, mahatmas, etc.  The scriptures also state that there is no need for a 13-day ritual of liberation from the phantom body as they have not performed any deeds in the case of the Walkers.

2.  Physical Cause:

The worldly man is addicted.  It is difficult for him to easily forget the death of a loved one.  But Vedic Sanatan Dharma knows that man is selfish.  He loves himself the most, he is addicted to others.

The worldly asceticism of the Garuda Purana is heard every day when the selfish and self-absorbed man who loves himself is addicted to food for 13 days without even eating salt, without touching anyone in an unwashed uniform.  On the other hand, the person’s attachment to his dead relatives is broken by the physical turmoil he has received.  If there is no ceremony for 13 days, then the person who has been toiling for months is now clear on the 13th day.

Nowadays, those who see this material world in the name of modernity, those who say, “WHY?”

Hare Krishna!