Unit 2 Health & Hygiene: Health is Wealth – Class 9 English Exercise

Health is Wealth is the reading story of class 9 English new course. In this article we have published the exercise of the story along with writing, reading exercise and grammar.

Exercise of Health is Wealth

Reading II

A. Learn these words and complete the sentences with them.

benevolent, couch potato, obesity, devotee, strenuous

a. Obesity can increase the risk of heart disease because fat people are likely to suffer from heart problems.

b. My father is kind, helpful and generous. He has a benevolent attitude.

c. Take rest for a week. Avoid tasks which require strenuous physical activity

d. I like God Shiva. I’m actually a devotee of him.

e. My younger sister is a great couch potato She can watch TV 24 hours a day.

B. Answer the following questions.

a. Why did people not like the king though he was kind?

⇒ People did not like the king though he was kind because he was very lazy and would not do anything other than eating and sleeping.

b. Why were the specialists called for at the palace and offered huge prizes?

⇒ The specialists were called for at the palace and offered huge prizes to make the king fit.

c. Why did the minister become so happy?

⇒ The minister became so happy because a holy man claimed to be able to cure the king easily.

d. Why did the holy man tell the king to come to his palace on foot for treatment?

⇒ The holy man told the king to come to his palace on foot for treatment because this could help the king lose weight.

e. Why did the holy man disappear after the first meeting with the king?

⇒ The holy man disappeared after the first meeting with the king in order to test whether the king would continue his efforts towards recovery, even in the absence of guidance from him.

f. How did the king recover his health?

⇒ The king recovered his health as he repeatedly reached the holyman’s place by walking for two weeks.

g. What lesson did you learn from the story?

⇒ From the story, I learnt that the greatest wealth is health.

Grammar II

A. Complete the following sentences with the correct forms of verbs given in the brackets.

a. I had seen Chhiring a few minutes ago. If you had come round earlier, you would have seen him too.

b. I wish I were a bird. If I were a bird, I would fly around the world.

c. Provided that you were twenty, you could play the match.

d. George was happy he came to Nepal. Hadn’t he come to Nepal, he wouldn’t have seen Mt. Everest.

e. What would you do if you won the lottery of Rs. 1,00,000 ?

f. He missed the bus to go home. If he had come in time, he would have caught the bus.

g. She would lose weight if she didn’t eat a lot of sweets.

h. They might have helped you if you had asked them.

i. If he had driven more carefully, he might not have had that accident.

j. If everyone turned off off unwanted lights, we could save a lot of electricity.

B. Complete each sentence in a suitable way.

a. If you had studied well, you would have passed the examination.

b. If you asked me, I would help you.

c. If we had gone to the cinema, we would have seen our friends.

d. If you spoke English, your job would be easier.

e. If they listened to me, we would be home earlier.

f. I would write you a postcard if I had your address.

g. If I hadn’t broken my leg, I would have taken part in the contest.

h. If it didn’t start to rain, we would walk to the museum.

i. We would swim in the sea if there were not many sharks there.

j. She would have arrived on time if she had taken the right bus.

Writing II

A. Kwati is a popular Newari food item. Here are the steps of preparing it. Arrange them in the correct order to write the recipe for making Kwati.

The Recipe for making Kwati

– Melt ghee in a pressure cooker.

– Put cumin seeds and carom seeds and fry them.

– Add onion, and then bay leaves and ginger garlic paste.

– Now, add sprouted mix beans (Kwati) and then red chili powder.

– Fry it for 5-6 minutes.

– Add tomatoes, turmeric powder and coriander powder.

– Fry until tomato is tender.

– Add hot water then salt and garam masala.

– Cook it for about 4-5 whistle.

– Kwati is ready to be served.