Twitter Unveils New Logo: “X” Takes Flight as Blue Bird is Retired

Twitter, under Elon Musk's ownership, ditches its blue bird logo for a minimalist "X." Musk cites the symbol's representation of uniqueness and change. Users' reactions vary, with some praising the modern design and others missing the old charm. The company aims to foster a more open and free speech platform.

Kathmandu, 24th July

In a bold move that surprised and divided Twitter users worldwide, the social media giant Twitter has bid farewell to its iconic blue bird and adopted a striking new logo—a simple “X.” The announcement of the logo change was made by none other than the company’s enigmatic new owner, Elon Musk, on a sunny Sunday morning.

Elon Musk, renowned entrepreneur, and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, acquired Twitter in October 2022. Since then, he has been taking various steps to reshape the platform according to his vision. The latest change in the company’s identity is an emblematic reflection of his unconventional approach.

“The new logo is designed to embody the imperfections in us all that make us unique,” Musk explained. “It represents the unknown, the potential for change, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. It’s a symbol of embracing our individuality and being unafraid to take new paths.”

The logo redesign was carried out under the direct guidance of Elon Musk, who handpicked a team of talented designers to craft the emblematic “X.” The design process aimed to maintain a sense of simplicity and modernity while encapsulating Musk’s profound philosophies.

The new logo features a bold, white “X” set against a sleek black background. The minimalistic aesthetic is intended to offer a clean and fresh visual experience for users.

Initial reactions to the logo change have been mixed, sparking heated debates on Twitter itself. Admirers of the transformation have lauded its contemporary and artistic allure, applauding Musk’s willingness to embrace change. On the other hand, many devoted Twitter users expressed their nostalgia for the blue bird, claiming the new logo lacks the charm and charisma of the old symbol.

Despite the varied opinions, Musk remains resolute in his vision for Twitter’s future. He has already taken strides towards transforming the platform into a more open and free space for expression, emphasizing the importance of unhindered communication and diversity of thought.

The new logo has already been integrated into Twitter’s website and app. However, the company plans to gradually phase out the iconic blue bird from its branding in the coming months, as part of the logo’s official adoption.

Twitter users can expect further changes and innovations as Musk continues to leave his indelible mark on the platform. While some may pine for the past, others eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this ever-evolving social media powerhouse. Only time will tell if this “X” will indeed mark the spot where Twitter’s trajectory takes a new and exciting turn.

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, announced his plans to revamp Twitter’s logo, replacing the iconic blue bird with a sleek “X.” This move marks another significant change since Musk acquired the social media platform for a staggering $44 billion last year.

In a series of tweets posted after midnight ET on Sunday, Musk shared his intention to implement the logo change globally as early as Monday. He hinted at bidding farewell not only to the Twitter brand but also gradually phasing out all bird-related elements.

The adoption of the letter “X” is not surprising given Musk’s strong affinity for the symbol throughout his career. He had previously expressed his enthusiasm for the letter, even tweeting last October that the acquisition of Twitter would accelerate the creation of “X,” an all-encompassing app known as the “everything app.”

The name “X” resonates with Musk due to its association with his rocket company, SpaceX, and his past venture,, which eventually evolved into the well-known online financial services platform, PayPal.

Linda Yaccarino, the Twitter CEO appointed by Musk in May, also weighed in on the rebranding. She described the transformation to “X” as a rare opportunity to leave a lasting impression, turning Twitter into a platform of unlimited interactivity that centers on audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking. This shift aims to create a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.

However, the change has sparked skepticism among Twitter users. Some fear that the alteration will confuse a significant portion of the audience, which has already been disheartened by several other major changes implemented by Musk.

One notable recent change Musk made was imposing curfews on Twitter, which drew criticism for potentially alienating advertisers and undermining the platform’s cultural influence as a trendsetter. Revenue also experienced a sharp decline since Musk’s acquisition, prompting layoffs and cost-cutting measures.

The logo transformation also comes at a time when Twitter faces competition from Meta’s new app, Threads. Threads is seen as an alternative for those dissatisfied with Twitter, attracting 100 million users within its first five days of launch.

Elon Musk revealed a black and white “X” logo to replace Twitter’s famous blue bird as part of a substantial rebranding effort for the social media platform he acquired last year for $44 billion. The new logo, projected on Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, aims to adopt a minimalist Art Deco design, which Musk plans to refine further.

As the “X” begins to appear at the top of Twitter’s desktop version, the process of rebranding has commenced. However, the traditional bird logo still dominates the phone app. Musk had solicited logo ideas from fans and chose one that aligns with his vision for the future of the platform.

The change, signified by the “X,” represents a pivotal moment in Twitter’s evolution, as Musk intends to move away from the traditional Twitter brand and its bird-associated imagery.