TSC English Open Competitive Examination Model Question

Government of Nepal 

TSC English Open Competitive Examination 

This [Sample] Model Question Paper 2078 is prepared on the basis of the TSC curriculum. This sample question is prepared considering the subjective exam of English subject for Secondary level

Level: Secondary Subject: English

Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 40 Time: 3hrs

Attempt all questions

Section A: Pedagogy

[TSC English Question]

  1. Students face problems in learning and using English across contexts. These problems occur when there is a lack of real-life contexts in which English is used. As a language teacher, discuss how you can help students learn the language functions by creating a favourable environment, and describe how you plan your activities to teach 5 different language functions with at least 1 context. . (5+5=10)
  2. What kinds of audio-visual materials and ICT tools are used in teaching listening and speaking skills to the students of English as a foreign language? Describe the problems faced by teachers in using such materials. (5+5=10)
  3. Correction of student’s language errors has been emphasized by some language pedagogies, while others have the opinion that overcorrection of errors can disturb student’s fluency in writing. Show your understanding of this dilemma and justify your position over this issue. (10)

Section B: Content [TSC English Question]

  1. List the various literary genres. Analyze the similarities and differences between drama and story. (4+6=10)
  2. Describe the various steps of action research in the context of language teaching, and describe one of the issues that can be researched applying this sort of research design in the context of English language teaching in Nepal.
  3. Self-development of teachers is necessary for effective classroom teaching. As a teacher, what plan and strategy do you adopt for your professional development? Illustrate. (10)

द्रष्टव्यः पाठ्यक्रमको खण्ड क बाट पूर्णाङ्क ५० का ५ प्रश्न र खण्ड ख बाट पूर्णाङ्क ५० का ५ प्रश्न गरी १०० पूर्णाङ्कको परीक्षाका लागि यस्तै प्रकृतिका प्रश्नहरू दिइने छ ।