The Unchanging Fate [Story] – Biyukta Phuyal

In "Unchanging Fate," Maira discovers she and others are trapped in a comic book world with predetermined destinies. Determined to rewrite their fates, she befriends Collen and rallies their peers to challenge their roles. Through unity and determination, they succeed, teaching the importance of teamwork and defying predetermined paths.

The Unchanging Fate

Once upon a time, in a small classroom, the students were eagerly awaiting their teacher’s next question. Among them sat Maira, lost in her own thoughts, until the teacher’s voice jolted her back to reality.

“Maira! Can you answer this question?” the teacher called out, drawing the attention of the entire class. Maira blinked, her classmates’ eyes fixed upon her.

“Maira! Please answer the question,” the teacher insisted. At that moment, something within Maira snapped, and she found herself responding, “Yes.”

She provided the answer, but as she did, a bell rang, signalling the end of the class. Scarlet, her best friend, gently nudged her and said, “Wake up, come on, Maira,” prompting them to head to the lunch hall together.

In the bustling lunch hall, Maira hurriedly purchased some chips and juice, devouring them as quickly as she could. However, her mind soon drifted back to the strange occurrences of the day.

“Oh no! Where am I?” Maira exclaimed, causing everyone to turn and look at her. Overwhelmed with embarrassment, she hastily retreated, her destination unknown and her surroundings unfamiliar.

In a daze, Maira found herself standing in front of a mirror, where she noticed a reflection of herself as the side character from her favorite novel, “Iris.” To her surprise, beside her own reflection stood a young boy, gazing into the void with a bewildered expression. He appeared to be going through the same perplexing experience as Maira.

Summoning her courage, Maira approached the boy and cautiously uttered, “Um… Excuse me.” He glanced at her and she noticed he was engrossed in reading her beloved novel.

“Hi,” Maira tried again. The boy met her gaze with his captivating eyes, and a peculiar sensation enveloped her, the nature of which she couldn’t quite discern.

“Hi, is something wrong?” he inquired.

“This may sound sudden and strange, but I felt like you were experiencing what I am. An overwhelming sense of confusion, not knowing where we truly are,” Maira explained.

He chuckled, interrupting her words. Maira couldn’t help but feel irritated by his reaction. Did he dare laugh at her distress?

“We exist within the world of comics, where everything has already been predetermined. Nothing can be altered. Our only task is to play our assigned roles and ensure a happy ending for the main characters. By the way, my name is Collen,” he replied, attempting to alleviate her confusion.

Maira was taken aback by his revelation, but a burning desire to uncover the truth compelled her to rush to the library. There, she searched tirelessly for the book that held the key to her fate. When she finally found it and turned to the relevant page, she discovered that Collen, the boy she had just met, was destined to meet his demise in the story’s conclusion.

“I cannot let this happen,” Maira determinedly resolved. She made up her mind to alter the course of the narrative, not only to change her own fate but also to save Collen from his tragic end.

With time, others began to comprehend the reality outside their prescribed roles. They became aware of their true identities but were hesitant to challenge the predetermined script. Maira, however, refused to give up. She was resolute in her mission to rescue her friend. Diana, another companion, shared Maira’s sentiments and supported her cause, but unfortunately, her character met an untimely demise.

This further solidified Maira’s resolve to rewrite her destiny. She couldn’t bear to witness more lives being lost. Yet, as she attempted to reshape the story, Collen suddenly vanished without a trace. Maira scoured every corner, desperate to find him, but her efforts proved fruitless. Finally, she turned to the book, seeking answers. To her astonishment, the narrative had changed, and she found herself as the main character. Panic seized her, but amidst her turmoil, she spotted Collen on the opposite side. Without hesitation, she rushed to him and relayed everything that had transpired. Relief washed over her as she realized he had returned.

Overwhelmed by frustration and the apathy of those around her, Maira could no longer contain her emotions. In the midst of the bustling hall, she bellowed, “Do any of you care about your friends and family? Do you wish to meet a premature and tragic end? Is that why you remain so ignorant? You should, at the very least, attempt to live!”

For a moment, everyone stared at her in silence, shocked by her outburst. Gradually, they rallied behind her cause, recognizing that they were bound for a tragic conclusion regardless. They clung to a glimmer of hope. With their collective ideas and actions, they successfully reshaped the plot, ultimately attaining a blissful ending.

Suddenly, Maira felt a surge of brightness engulf her. She blinked her eyes open, snapping out of her dream. As she gazed at the ceiling, a blank expression adorned her face. Confusion and disorientation lingered, and she surveyed her room for answers. Rubbing her eyes, she sat on her bed, realizing that everything that had occurred was merely a figment of her imagination. A smile curled on her lips as she embraced the relief that reality was not as tragic as her dream had foretold.

Yet, she couldn’t ignore the lessons learned from her dreamlike experience. Maira acknowledged how circumstances could transform a person. The timid introvert she once was now possessed newfound confidence, willing to take risks in life and forge friendships. She decided to approach life with a more cooperative spirit, embracing teamwork and collaboration.

The moral of the story: Alone, we may accomplish little, but together, we can achieve great things.

Biyukta Phuyal

Regent Residential School, Nepal