The Rise of Chat GPT: Competing with the Human Mind and Creativity

The Rise of Chat GPT

Making everyday life easier with the help of information technology, completing work quickly and at a low cost is no longer a new topic. The new generation is getting used to email, the internet, social media, telemedicine, virtual meetings, and virtual work. When discussing these works and practices, there is no semblance of novelty. At a time when new inventions and uses are being made in the field of information technology every day, chat GPT has surprised and surprised many people.

At first, many people did not care about Chat GPT, which was released on November 30th. But when it started to make the work done by humans, it started to lose attention.

The Open AI organization established in 2015 is now running Chat GPT to solve the queries of many people through artificial intelligence AI. In this, we can answer questions as if we were talking directly to another person. It can be clarified by answering questions with fun until the confusion is removed. At a glance, it seems that we are talking to an expert who is physically present.

Also, you can search for the content you want on Google and get ideas about the work you are going to do. There are also those who say that there is no other tool as powerful as Google in the search engine. But Google will solve your query, not work. Chat GPT will do the work for you.

For example, if you need to be on sick leave, Chat GPT will do the job of writing a leave application to the employer. What work did you have to take leave for? Few, many, formal language, informal language, which design etc. are all options.

Similarly, if you have to give a presentation on climate change somewhere, it will prepare you with all the information from Word file to PDF. Using words, pictures, audio, video, etc., Chat GPT prepares a presentation as if it were made by an expert in no time.

It will immediately solve the various essays, general knowledge topics, petitions, news etc. that you need. Chat GPT has now started to surprise by doing very complex tasks along with these simple tasks.

Chat GPT has become so powerful and capable that there are reports of people who have cleared exams up to MBBS. Some time ago Chat GPT passed the American Medical Licensing Exam. Similarly, he passed the legal practitioner’s license exam easily. Many research papers have also been made by him.

It can make apps, write songs, create poems, make sketches, make games, etc. in a few moments. Due to these many features, users are increasing day by day. Chat GPT is working like a powerful human mind.

Competing with the Human Mind and Creativity

After starting to do various things that humans can do, chat GPT is now being taken as an alternative and competitor to the human brain. It has been debated since it overshadows the skills that people have acquired through years of struggle and is challenging human employment itself. Studies have also started on the impact that Chat GPT can have on employment and the challenges it can give to human creativity.

Since Chat GPT has started to do the work of using the human brain, it has been seen as an opportunity, a challenge and a competitor. It has started to be discussed as an alternative to the human brain because it works in such a reliable way that it is impossible to distinguish which work is done by using the human brain and which work is done by Chat GPT.

A study report published by the investment bank Goldman Sachs said that artificial intelligence AI technology including Chat GPT could replace 300 million full-time jobs.

According to the study report, AI technology could replace up to a quarter of work activities in the US and Europe. The study also mentions that not only the challenge of cutting old jobs but also the opportunity to create new jobs through new ideas can be done by AI, so people should not be afraid now.

Similarly, Sam Altman, the chief executive officer of OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, has also admitted that some challenges have been added to the employment and creation of people. According to Altman, this will not immediately create a challenge in millions of jobs, but gradually many human tasks will be done by chat, GPT and other means of AI.

“If a person takes a month to write a research paper, Chat GPT can do it in a few hours, if someone is paid to write a research paper, then he will lose his job,” he said.