Speed up Your Writing Skill with Quick Critical Analysis and Well Formation

Speed in writing with quick critical analysis of formation is an essential task for all language learners. Information for writing and framework are important factors which can speed up your writing and thinking. There are various factors in writing however without a well format and clear direction in which your writing is directed, the writing may not get the aimed message to be delivered. It is claimed that writing is a process not a product, a writer should focus on the process of preparation for writing. Here in this piece of writing I would definitely highlight the major procedure for preparation for writing. However, the writers should have a clear concept on which they are working for or planning to address. 

The preliminary issues and the references always help us to frame the writing. However, we need to select the particular references and literature before we start writing. In recent years the writing is not limited to pen/pencil and copy. A writer can type directly in a digital tool but the process of thinking, analyzing and developing a final tool is entirely the same as before. If you are writing for a better product you must focus on the process. One can’t start writing without proper planning and concept and framework. If you randomly start writing you don’t know where you are going and what you are delivering via the writing. Your writing may be long enough and the content may not be specific and valuable. Writing is always for the reader. If the reader felt bored while reading your writing, you would not get any positive feedback from them. Unless your final product will not read by many readers, you will get nothing in return.

For quick critical analysis in writing in any topic a writer should have a framework which is a conceptual framework. The conceptual framework in writing gives the limited variables to analysis while writing and limits a writer within the boundary of the subject matter. When the writer is limited in a particular boundary of topics s/he can play with variables inside and can relate it with the broad topic of writing. On the other hand, the writer limits himself or herself in a topic. The closure look into the topic triggers the brain for critical observation in the particular variable and helps to go deeper in a minor topic. The deeper analysis can create an organic content and unique product in the final product. Being specific a writer can wander macro components of the topic constituent which are the base of the words and ideas. The ideas developed from the microscopic analysis of limited variables can generate new ideas within the topic. 

To speed up the process of critical analysis for writing in a new topic has a complete set which can be interpreted as following:

1. Reading related and available articles or written materials ( Reading Related Literature)

2. Selection of important and relevant materials

3. Highlighting the core information you need to take reference for your writing

4. Make a well-formed literature review (Can be listed in point so that you can add the one wherever necessary)

5. Conceptualizing your ideas in a first draft

6. Read the first draft and add the necessary references in the text.

7. Read and write the second draft so that you can add some more information and remove the unnecessary.

8. Share the writing with your friends for reading and your friend can suggest ideas related to the topic.

9. Finalize the writing with your best effort and share it for proof reading to the seniors.

10. Make a final product of your writing.

According to different sources available on the internet it is said that only a few steps can develop a well formed writing for example https://cmsw.mit.edu has stated that prewriting, drafting, revising and editing. In this view the writing is only focused on the product. Drafting and refining a draft is like painting the world car to make a new design instead of designing the internal functionalities.