Specification GRID for Grade 4 English – 2079 || Model Question

Specification GRID Grade 4 English

According to Specification grid 2079 of English for grade 4, External Assessment The external assessment will take the form of a final examination and is based on the written test which covers reading and writing skills. Grammar is incorporated in the writing section. The test follows the following test specification chart. 

Reading (25 Marks) 

Assessment of reading skills follows the following structure: 

  1. Reading 1: One short reading text from the textbook with one type of comprehension question (5 marks) 
  2. Reading 2: One short reading text from the textbook with one type of comprehension question. (5 marks) 
  3. Reading 3: One short reading text not given in the textbook with one type of comprehension question. (5 marks) 
  4. Reading 4: One short reading text not given in the textbook with two types of comprehension questions. (10 marks) 

Text types for reading 3 and 4 will be any two from the story, essay, timetable, schedule, menu, chart, calendar, notice and letter.  The length of the reading texts should not exceed 150 words. 

Question types for the reading test will be: · 

  • True/False · 
  • Fill in the gaps · 
  • Multiple choice · 
  • Matching ·
  • Ordering · 
  • Short answer questions 

Types of items should not be repeated. 

There should be at least one reorganizational and one simple inferential question in each reading task. 

Reading task 4 should include the testing of vocabulary.

(Each question carries 1 mark) 

Writing (25 Marks) 

Assessment of writing skills follows the following structure: 

  1. Punctuation: A short and simple paragraph containing ten punctuation errors. (5 marks) 
  2. Controlled writing: A short and simple paragraph where students are required to fill in the words given in a separate box. The omitted words should be nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. (5 marks) 
  3. Guided writing: Writing a short paragraph based on the given clues (text or pictures). (5 marks) 
  4. Free writing: A personal letter/an email or leave application or a paragraph describing a picture, place or thing. (5 marks) 

Grammar: 5 marks 

Multiple choice questions (with three to four alternatives) covering any five of the following contents will be included in grammar: 

  • Articles 
  • Prepositions 
  • Tense 
  • Connectives 
  • Pronouns 
  • Adjectives 
  • Questions 
  • Comparatives and Superlatives 
  • Adverbs 
  • Modals 

Model Question of English Class -4

1. Read the following passage and do the activities given below. (5)

High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires and a large red ruby glowed on his sword-hilt. One night there flew over the city a little swallow. He saw the state on the tall column. ‘I will put up there, ‘he cried, ‘it is a fine position, with plenty of fresh air’. So he alighted just between the feet of the Happy Prince.

‘I have a golden bedroom,’ he said softly to himself as he looked round and prepared to sleep. Just as he was putting his head under his wing, a large drop of water fell on him. What a curious thing he cried. There is not a single cloud in the sky, and yet it is raining. The climate in the north of Europe is really dreadful, said the Swallow. Then another drop fell. What is the use of a statue if it cannot keep the rain off? he said, ‘ I must look for a good chimney pot, and he decided to fly away. When the last drop fell and he looked up and saw, Ah What did he see? The eyes of the Happy Prince were filled with tears were running down his golden cheeks. His face was so beautiful in the moonlight that the little Swallow was filled with pity.

A. Answer the questions given below.

i) Describe the statue of The Happy Prince.

ii) What happened when the Swallow sat between the feet of the Happy Prince?

iii) What did the Swallow like most about the statue when he first decided to live there?

iv) What is the use of a statue if it cannot keep the rain off? Who said these words?

v) Write the meaning of ‘Pity’.

2. Read the text given below and do the following tasks. (5)

The journey lasts for days and days.

We trek up valley, hill and slope

We carry with ourselves the hope

To traverse strange, untrodden ways.

We enter now a world of clouds.

Along the way we hear the call

Of mountain wind and waterfall.

The pallid mist is spreading shrouds.

At last we reach the final peak.

The summit beckons us to come

The air is cold, our feet are numb.

We climb to reach the place we seek.

The path is steep and narrow there.

It snakes its way-these stairs of stone

Now mark the route we make our own.

The sunshine gilds the lucid air.

A. Write True or False for the given statements.

The journey that lasts only for few months. ____

‘We’ refer to the above lines means a writer and his companions. _____

iii. The path is very clear and comfortable there. ____

B. Write the meaning of the following.

Trek ____

Untrodden ____

3. Read the following text and do the activities. (5)

A mobile phone is a simple and convenient means of communication for people while on the move. It is also known as a cellular or pocket phone. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It is a fixed phone system of communication. Since then there has been a lot of development in this field. Cellular phones have revolutionized personal communication.

A mobile phone is a small hand set used with a cellular radio or such other system. It enables the user to make direct dial telephone calls wherever he or she is. It is a multipurpose instrument. The third generation mobile phones enable the user to receive and sent photos as well.

A. From the above text, find the opposite words to the following.

i) Complex

ii) Public

B. Answer the following questions.

i) What is a mobile phone?

ii) What have cellular phone done in our life?

iii) How does the mobile phone enable the user?

4. Read the given speech and do the following questions. (10)

Honourable chairperson, there are various problem with junk food. The main problem is that they have high satisfactory value that is why so many people consume it even though they know it is not healthy. Another problem is that junk food tends to replace other more nutritious food. Similarly, an increase in

consumption of junk food is directly associated with the increase in obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and tooth decay. Fats from junk food trigger the brain to want more food. This effect can last for several days. Mothers who eat junk food while pregnant or breast feeding have children who are prone to obesity. Children are also more prone to diabetes, raised cholesterol and high blood pressure. Additives and preservatives such as common food dyes can cause children to become more hyperactive and easily distracted than usual. If children eat junk food regularly, it is likely to lead them to violent behaviour later in life. Finally, I want to suggest that we should not eat junk food because it is the causes of various diseases. So junk food should be banned. Thank you.

A. Choose the best answer from the given options. 4

i) There are various problem with ________

a) dry food b) Vendor food c) Junk food

ii) Consumption of junk food lead them to __________

a) violent behaviour b) good manner c) fashionable lifestyle

iii) Junk food should be _______

a) banned b) closed c) opened

iv) Fats from junk food trigger the _____ to want more food.

a) heart b) brain c) stomach

B. Make sentences of the given words. 3

a) Satisfactory __

b) Value __

c) Banned __

C. Answer the questions. 3

a) What causes the children to be hyperactive?

b) What does the speaker suggest at last?

c) What are the disadvantages of junk food?

5. Rewrite the story with the correct Punctuation. ((10×0.5=5)

  one day Harry a shepherd boy was sitting on a rock minding his flock. Suddenly he thought of some mischief. He thought for a while and then cried, Wolf Wolf Save me. Judas , the farmer, heard his shouts and ran with a stick in his hand to help him

On reaching a quiet and beautiful village, he asked the boy where the wolf was. He said, “It has run away after hearing the noise.” Later Harry laughed to himself how he had fooled the farmer

We must learn to respect elders and not to fool them

6. Suppose your school has invited the celebrated swimmer Gaurika Singh on the Annual Sports Day. With the help of the information given below, write a bio-sketch of Gaurika Singh for your school magazine. (5)

. Born M November 26, 2002, Kathmandu

. Began her swimming career at the age of eight years

. Achievements M

. Two silver and three bronze medals at 2016 South Asian Games

. Participated at the 2016 Rio Olympics as the youngest Olympian

. Four gold medals at 2019 South Asian Games

. Has been included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2021 Entertainment and sports

7. Suppose you got first position in Grade 5. Now, write an application letter to your principal telling him/her to provide you a scholarship. (10)

8. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences and rewrite them. (10×0.5=5)

They _____ (can/might) be away on a trip but I’m not sure.

They ______ (can’t/may not) still be out.

Which language ____ I learn- French or Italian? (should/must)

Everyone who crosses the border ______ (must/should) show his\her passport.

We _____ (should/would) all try to keep fit and healthy.

Which places ______ (could/would) you go if you had a chance to travel around the world.

The _____ (feel/aroma) of the room helped me relax after a hard day.

The last time my sister tried baking a cake it was a complete________ (catastrophe/wonder).

She asked for some time to ______ (move/think).

A meaning of dates is _______ (pickles/dry fruits).

All the Best