Regent Residential School Reunites Alumuni with Music and Memories

Regent Residential School recently hosted a much-awaited event, a reunion for ex-students. The school organized a fun-filled evening with music and dinner to bring together alumni from various batches. The event was facilitated by the school’s Principal, Mr. Nawaraj Sanjel, and was attended by 62 students, along with their teachers.

The ex-student reunion was an opportunity for former students to relive old memories and connect with their school friends. The event was also an occasion for the formation of an Ex-Students Association, which was spearheaded by the President, Kevin KC. The Vice President of the association is Rukshana Sapkota, and there are 13 members in total.

During the reunion, the school administration distributed tokens of love to all attendees. The tokens were a symbol of gratitude and appreciation for the ex-students continued connection to their alma mater. The gesture was received with heartfelt appreciation and added to the warmth and joy of the evening.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the music and dinner. The music and dance celebrations took attendees back to their school days. The dinner was a sumptuous spread of delicious food, which was enjoyed by all. The event was a great success and was a testimony to the strong bond that Regent Residential School creates between its students and their alma mater.

The reunion was a reminder that the school is not just a building or an institution, but is a community of students, teachers, and staff who share a special bond. The event brought together a diverse group of people who had one thing in common- their love for their school. The evening was a perfect example of how a school can create lifelong connections and memories that last a lifetime.

During the ex-student reunion at Regent Residential School, the Principal, Mr. Nawaraj Sanjel, made some important announcements that were well-received by the attendees. One of the announcements was regarding the formation of an Ex-Students Association, which would help the school stay connected with its alumni and also enable former students to give back to their alma mater.

Mr. Sanjel also talked about the school’s ongoing commitment to providing quality education and ensuring the holistic development of its students. He emphasized the importance of fostering a strong community spirit among students, teachers, and staff, and how this helps create a positive learning environment.

Another important announcement made by the Principal was regarding the school’s plans to upgrade its infrastructure and facilities. Mr. Sanjel shared that the school administration was working on various projects, including the construction of a new library and sports complex, to provide better learning and recreational opportunities to students.

The Principal also took the opportunity to thank the ex-students for their continued support of the school and encouraged them to stay connected and engaged with their alma mater. He emphasized that the school was always open to feedback and suggestions from its alumni and that their input was valuable in shaping the school’s future.

The ex-student reunion at Regent Residential School was a resounding success. The event was a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering lifelong relationships with its students. The evening was filled with music, food, and reminiscences, and it was a true celebration of the bond between the school and its alumni.