Philosophy of Chair; Chairology

In the general sense, the science of chairs can be the science of chairs.  But what is a chair?  Not everyone has a consensus on that.  Some wise men say that a chair is a wooden, iron, or plastic four-legged device made by attaching a pedestal to a backrest.  Some subbuzruks say that a kurchi is a rotating vessel made by attaching a wheel to the seat of an iron rod and attaching a mattress-like mattress seat to the rib-shaped iron on top of it and twisting the leaves of the back sekuwa darlap.  Some people cough.  Viewers think of the chair as a comfortable vessel.

Sufferers may find it difficult to cope with the cold.  Everyone talks about the chair according to their own appearance, experience and choice.  No matter how many proverbs are used about a chair, no matter what anyone says, a chair is a vessel in which people can sit with their limbs or upper legs as they like.  Although the method of making the chair is different, its special function is the same which serves the mind even if it is on four legs.  It doesn’t say so many kilos, so many weights, it doesn’t count people’s age. 

It is considered a religion and a deed to happily prepare a place for one’s master’s back.  It can support everything from Sikhs to the poor.  People from Kattu to Chatusu to Chausiba have tasted the chairs with a piece of paper.  Do you think there is a record that the chair has not obeyed anyone and has not washed anyone’s physical body?  It is different not to wash oneself.  In the same way, from Sikhute to Rikute, from Bose to Chose, from Chose to Ghose, why did the small and fat people go for chairs?  But the chair itself does not understand the essence of anyone.

From making chairs, to seeing, experiencing, weighing, all people are in this society.  Not only that, these eyes have to suffer to see those who shake the chair and those who shake it.  However, there are those who grab the juro of the chair and throw it with the chair holder when there is a disagreement.  There can be many reasons for this – one of the reasons is the tendency of those who sit in chairs to ignore those who do not sit in chairs.  Another reason is not to break the sink of the work that is sitting in the chair holding the work permit.  And another reason may be that the people sitting in the chairs have started a fair to accumulate mam for generations by combining work and money well.

It is natural for a person wearing a chair to think of himself as the Supreme Lord of the Indralok, as his dignity is different after sitting in a chair, his nose is like a ring, and if he gets a permit to sit in a chair like a potato, he has the status of making others fail by putting a prisoner on his palate.  The chair ruled in this way by sitting on the chair and putting the upper leg on it is unbearable to be seen by others.  In this case, the back of the chair as well as the ribs of the chair holder are likely to slip.

At the same time, the opinion that a chair without a table cannot have any status in this society is equally strong.  He says, “A chair without a table does not exist.  A chair without a table is like an old woman without an old man, a bed without a pillow, a ruler without a peon.  Anyone can rule in a chair, but not everyone has the privilege of ruling in a chair with a table. ”  In fact, the table is another inanimate material instrument made by placing silk asanas on the square.  Which is placed in front of the chair.  If the person holding the chair does not remember the ethics, he can even put rations on the table seat.  Leaning your two legs on the same table, you can dream in a cool chair, you can also chant various things.  On the other hand, only after the rule of the table in front of you will the existence of the chair return, so the elegance of the chair will also change.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  Because from under the table, the chair holder gets the opportunity to do Kalanila business.  One can do something by placing one hand on the table and the other under it.  Not only that, sometimes the table can save a person’s head by hiding it under a chair during a war of attrition, and it can also be useful for a lifetime. 

Ordinary people have to come back in a new age to sit in such a chair.  Because for the chair, there have been wars of people’s war, money war, people’s war, mustache war, mind war, etc., which is something that everyone has seen.  Let’s not just talk about war, there is no shortage of those who consider themselves followers of the Buddha, but also those who consider the chair to be great.

Various evidences and facts show that according to the custom of any country, a king, president or prime minister, who is considered to be the king of chairs, needs a permit to sit in the chair.  We don’t have to go to the end to find the root of this thing. In our country, many battles have been fought for such a royal chair and are still being fought, so why not fight for other heavy chairs?  Why shouldn’t people be worried about not getting a chair after cultivating a culture of devotion to power and following Ganesha instincts to occupy various small and big positions?  If someone brings a chair of the Prime Minister in front of you and asks you to sit on the flame or if he tries to take you to the place where the chair is, will you sit or not?

You may not touch the pulse and heartbeat of your ability first.  How many people are struggling for the chair, how many people are struggling to get it, when they are looking for the chair, when the chair itself comes in front of them with four legs, which Mika Lal tells them not to sit?  No matter how much wisdom is lost or how much purification is lost?  Is there a landslide in Mati?  Even if he divorces his wife for the chair, he goes to the power center to gather force.  When he gets a chair and puts a tau on his mustache, even if it heals the wounds of others.

No matter how much you praise the chair, it is still lacking.  Because seeing the power of the chair, people think that it is a pleasure to sit in the chair behind the table, to cut the speech, to rule over others, to reach the place where someone is happy, to eat sweets and to mix the chair with the Lord.  It is daring to make money by colluding with the table, it is being used as a pretext for hegemony and feudalism.  The price to reach Bubuma for seven generations is staggering.

The people of Rachyan and Road have crores.  In the palace, people are sitting around the chair where he is sitting, asking for work and money, and servants are hanging around.  After gaining immense power of position, prestige and price, the common people are doing their own devotion.  Aha!  What is the life of a life with a chair, a life that is always comfortable and beautiful?  Such a feeling is also awakened, the mind itself becomes distorted while thinking.

Good luck to those here too, get a chair with a table today, hold on to it without missing a beat and enjoy the unhappiness of a lifetime.  Do what you have to do for it.  But what to do  That is all I want to say, I don’t want to insult my good wishes, I will say something in bonus, listen to the flame, close the ears of those who do not want to listen, listen to those who want to listen, listen to the flame, listen to the flame.  Because if you think, Jabo can sleep in the same chair in Thangna so that he can never get up in his life.  Jai Kurchi!  

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