New Letter Grading System in Nepal for Grade 1 to 12

New Letter Grading System In Nepal

The new letter grading system has been public by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Nepal for the new academic year. It is said that the grading system will be implemented this year and schools over Nepal are planning to implement it. MOE has instructed all the schools to do accordingly.

Grading according to New System


Marks Percentage Grade Performance Grade Point
90 to 100 4 Outstanding A+
80 to less than 90 3.6 Excellent A
70 to less than 80 3.2 Very Good B+
60 to less than 70 2.8 Good B
50 to less than 60 2.4 Satisfactory C+
40 to less than 50 2 Acceptable C
35 to less than 40 1.6 Basic  D+
Less Then 35 NG Insufficient  NG

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