New Curriculum (2077) 4-5


Nepal government has devised a new curriculum for grades 4 and five. Here is the attachment of the same.

English is a language of international communication. It is widely used in education, mass media, information and communication technology (ICT), business, tourism, science and medicine. English is also a popular language in Nepal particularly in the field of
education, science and technology, media, travel and tourism, and so on. It is taught as a compulsory subject right from grade one.

This curriculum has incorporated the recent trends and contemporary developments in language teaching and learning. In particular, this curriculum has been developed to cater for the essential linguistic needs of the children learning English. The aim of teaching English at these grades is to enable the learners to communicate in English with some level of confidence.

This curriculum aims to develop the basic competency among English language learners to communicate using simple everyday English in written and spoken form. They will also be able to read short and simple texts for pleasure and information. Children’s learning of English at these grades will pave the way for upper grades. The major focus of this curriculum is on language skills viz. listening, speaking, reading and writing so that the children will be able to use English effectively in real life situations.


By the end of grade five, the students should be able to achieve the following competencies:
a. listen and respond to familiar everyday expressions in English;
b. understand and follow slowly and carefully articulated simple speeches on familiar topics;
c. communicate ideas, opinions and emotions orally in various personal and local situations;
d. respond to basic language functions;
e. read varieties of simple texts on familiar topics for information and understanding;

f. show a good control over basic vocabularies;
g. write simple isolated phrases and sentences; and
h. write using simple expressions on familiar topics.


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