English Model Question Set for Grade – 7

Compulsory English Model Question of Grade – 7


[New Syllabus Question]

English Question Grade -7 Model Set-I [New Course]

This English model question set for grade 7 students is designed according to the English language syllabus of English as a foreign language learner.

English Model Question Set

Subject: English

Full Marks: 75

Attempt All Questions

1. Rewrite the following sentences filling the gaps with a suitable word.  5

  1. Excuse me. You are _____ on my chair. (sit/sitting/sat/sits)
  2. Could you open ____ door, please. (a/an/the)
  3. There are many pictures ____ the book. (in/at/of)
  4. Shila cut _____ while she was cutting potatoes.  (itself/himself/herself/yourself)
  5. My father ____very hard. (works/worked/working)

2. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets. 3×1=3

  1. Hari is going to help her. (into simple past)
  2. This is your book. (into yes/no question)
  3. Amit drives a car safely. (into negative)

3. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the bracket. 2

(was/ were/ more dangerous/ most dangerous)

  1. Those bags ___yours.
  2. The elephant is _____ than a tiger.

4. Read the following text and do the activities that follow.

Humans do many things to damage the earth. We cut forests and build roads, dams, farms, and towns. When we do this we kill many beautiful plants and destroy the homes of wild animals. We dump rubbish on the land. We pollute rivers and seas where other creatures live. Some beautiful animals are killed so that people can have expensive clothes. Wild cats like leopards are killed for skins, which are made into fur coats. Crocodile skins are made into shoes, handbags, and belts. Some animals are extinct. We shall never see them again, except in books. We must learn to live with nature and not destroy it.

A. Fill in appropriate words in the blank. 3

( rubbish, protect, build)

  1. It is our duty to _____the wildlife
  2. We dump ______ on the land.
  3. We cut forest to ____road, dams etc.

B. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’. 4

‘A’                         ‘B’

Extinct——————  costly

Destroy————— make dirty

Expensive ————–died out

Pollute—————— damaged badly

Answer the following questions. 3

  1. Why do people cut down trees?
  2. Why are leopards and crocodiles killed?
  3. What we must learn to do?

5. Read the following poem and do the activities that follow. 

My Pets

I have a dog

But I don’t have a hog;

My dog’s name is Missy. 

When she is mad, 

She doesn’t go hissy

I have a cat,

But not a bat;

My cat’s name is Jinx,

But he is not a lynx.

I had a fish

When he died, 

I didn’t eat him in the dish. 

My fish’s name was Freddy

He had two friends named

Eddy and Teddy

I tried to make this rhyme

Well, I did this time.

Lacey Broughton

A. Find the rhyming words for the following words in the poem.  2

  1. Missy
  2. Cat
  3. Rhyme
  4. Fish

B. Write TRUE or FALSE. 4

  1. The poet had a rabbit pet.
  2. The cat’s name is Jinx.
  3. The fish died.
  4. The poet ate the fish on the dish.

Answer the following questions. 4

  1. How many pets does the poet have?
  2. When doesn’t the dog go hissy?
  3. What was the name of his pet fish?
  4. Who were Eddy and Teddy?

6. Read the given text and do the tasks that follow.

Once, a fox was very hungry. He was roaming in search of food. He came to the fine yard. It was full of grapes. These were hanging from the vines. Seeing the grapes the fox said to himself, “how lucky I am. There are so many sweet grapes. I must have some of them to satisfy my hunger.” Saying this he jumped again and again, but the grapes were hanging very high up. So he could not reach them by any means. He was much disappointed at his failure to get grapes. At last, he consoled himself saying, “The grapes are sour, I don’t like them.” Then, he went away. 

A. Match the following words in column A with their meanings in column B. 4


Ripe       –             fortunate

Lucky     –             upset

Hunger –               ready to be eaten

Disappointed    –       appetite

Answer the following questions.   6

  1. Grapes were hanging from the vines.
  2. A fox was hungry.
  3. He jumped again and again.
  4. He thought himself lucky.
  5. He went away.
  6. He was disappointed.

Study the given vacancy and so the activities that follow.

Food supplies us with the energy and materials our body needs for growing, repairing wounds, and staying healthy. Energy is needed for everything that goes on in our bodies. Energy keeps our body warm, our heart beating, and our lungs working. The smallest amount of energy that we need to keep us alive is called our basal metabolic rate (MBR). A baby uses much less energy than an adult. The substances that the body can use for energy and growth are called nutrients. There are five types of nutrients; carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Shortage of food is particularly dangerous for children because without a well-balanced diet their bodies cannot grow properly.

A. State true or false. 5

  1. Food is very important for our body.
  2. Food gives us energy.
  3. Energy helps our bodywork.
  4. A baby uses much more energy than an adult.
  5. The body can grow without a balanced diet. 

B. Answer the following questions. 5

  1. What does food supply us with?
  2. How does energy help our body?
  3. What is BMR?
  4. Write the names of nutrients our body needs.
  5. Why do children need a balanced diet?

7. Complete the following dialogue by choosing the correct expressions from the box given below. 5

Ramesh: Hello Dolma. ________________

Dolma: I am fine. Thank you. ______________________

Ramesh: Pretty good._________.

Dolma: by the way, I would like you to meet my friend Nagma. 

Ramesh:  Hello, Nagma. I am Ramesh.__________

Dolma: __________________________

8. Describe what is happing in your exam hall right now in five sentences. 5

9. Write an essay on ONE of the following topics: 15

  • My School
  • My friend


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