‘Man Bhulchha’ Prakash Dutraj & Shantishree Pariyar

Prakash Dutaraj’s new music video ‘Man Bhulchh’ has been released. Dutaraj, who has been at the peak of the discussion lately, released a new music video on Tuesday. Safal Dutraj said that he is expecting the same support and cooperation in the new presentation to secure his name among the popular singers of Nepal with the song ‘Lahur Jaane Relaima’ from the Jam Vho Miley album.

Singer Shantishri Pariyar has accompanied Dutaraj in the song ‘Man Bhulchh’ while Basanta Vishwakarma, Prakash Yash, Rupi Shinjali and Prem Rana have accompanied him in the group singing. Dutaraj’s songs have been hanging on the tongues of children and the elderly. Music connoisseurs look for him because he has a different taste in each of his compositions. As a result, his latest songs are making huge profits on YouTube.

Dutaraj, who has a simple and humorous nature, has been sticking to his tongue for a long time as songs are targeted at all age groups. His Aarne, Baini Jhyalaima, Ghar Kata Ho Baini ko, Pachauri ko Tato, Tiriri Murali Bajyo, Tare Bhir, Phool Launthe Shirma, now popular song Jam Vho Mile has a humane and social message.

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