Love Marriage in Nepal – An Essay

Love Marriage In Nepal

Love and Marriage are the concepts of relationships that refer to the bonds of different lives. These two relationships are related to hearts’ connections where heartily feelings play very vital roles. Both concepts create a sense of togetherness among people.

The concept of love makes people lovable. Due to this concept, people are living in harmony in this world. It has helped people to feel about each other. Love can lead anyone towards perfection. In the present time, most people believe in the concept of love. Love can determine anyone’s future. The lifelong relationship of marriage also seems strong if there is a perfect concept of love. Love is a kind of positive feeling that people feel for each other. 

The concept of Marriage is a process that refers to the unity between two people. In this process, two people get together to start a new part of their lives. Marriage is regarded as an auspicious relationship that establishes two people’s relationship. Marriages are connected with people’s cultures, traditions, rituals, norms and values.

The process of marriage is very well organized and celebrated. This relationship determines people’s future, duties and responsibilities. In this relationship, love always plays a very important role. Without love, nothing is imagined here in this world