Unit 5 Ethics, Norms & Values: JetBlue’s Apology Letter Class 9 English Exercise

JetBlue's Apology: [An Apology Letter] is the reading text of class 9 English book. This article presents the exercise related to the text JetBlue's Apology: [An Apology Letter] including grammar and writing.

Exercise of An Apology Letter [JetBlue]

Lesson Summary of JetBlue’s Apology

Last week was the worst week ever for JetBlue. They had lots of problems with their flights, like delays, cancellations, and lost baggage, which caused a lot of trouble for customers. There was a big winter storm in the Northeast that messed up the flights. It made it hard for the planes to move, and the pilots and crewmembers couldn’t get to the airports on time.

JetBlue is really sorry and embarrassed about what happened. They know they let their customers down, and they feel bad about all the stress and inconvenience it caused. The airline is taking immediate action to fix things. They’re making a plan to give customers better and faster information, provide more tools and resources to their crewmembers, and improve the way they handle problems in the future.

JetBlue has created a set of rules called the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights. It explains how they will handle future problems and includes details about how they will compensate affected customers. JetBlue wants to become a more reliable and customer-friendly airline because of these changes. JetBlue really wants to earn back the trust of its customers. They hope customers will give them another chance to provide the positive experience they expect.

The letter was written by David Neeleman, the Founder and CEO of JetBlue Airways.

Exercise of JetBlue’s Apology

A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

a. disrupt – iii. to make it difficult for something to continue in the normal way

b. crewmembers- v. all the people working on a ship, plane, etc.

c. hinder- iv. to make it difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen

d. inconvenience- ii. trouble or problem, especially concerning what you need or would like yourself

e. emerge- i. to come out of a dark, confined or hidden place

B. Answer the following questions.

a. Who has written the letter?

⇒ David Neeleman has written the letter.

b. Who is it addressed to?

⇒ It is addressed to JetBlue Customers.

c. How long has JetBlue been serving its customers?

⇒ JetBlue has been serving its customers for seven years.

d. What was the main cause of inconvenience to the passengers?

⇒ The main cause of inconvenience to the passengers is the severe winter ice storm in the Northeast.

e. What sort of service does this company promise?

⇒ This company promises to bring humanity back to air travel and make the flying experience happier and easier for its customers.

f. What does the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights contain?

⇒ The JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights contains the airline’s commitment to handling operational interruptions in the future, including details of compensation for customers.

Grammar II

A. Use the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets to rewrite this text.

Sophiya (sit) in the classroom. Her teacher (stand) in front of the class teaching. But, Sophiya (do) something else. She is daydreaming. She (not be) in the class. She (dance) on a stage in front of hundreds of people. She (wear) a beautiful costume. She (tap) and twirling. She (spin) on one leg. She (kick) her feet. She (leap) and (fly) through the air. The audience (stand) on the floor. They (clap) and (shout) “Bravo! Bravo!!”.


“Sophiya?” her teacher (call). He is not teaching anymore.

“Yes?” Shophiya (feel) a bit embarrassed. Her cheeks (get) red.

“Are you feeling okay? You (shout) ‘Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!’ in the class.”

“Sorry! I am just enjoying the class so much ‘Bravo! Bravo!’.”

Ans: is sitting, is standing, is doing, is not being, is dancing, is wearing, is tapping, is spinnig, is kicking, is leaping and flying, are standing, are clapping and shouting, is calling, is feeling, are getting, were shouting

B. Complete the sentences with the use of correct form of any relevant verbs.

A: We ………. to the cinema tonight.

B: ………….with us?

are going

Do you want to come

A: I …………. on holiday two or three times a year.

B: That’s great! And where ……… this year?

⇒ go

⇒ are you going

I think it’s better to stay. It ………… and we ………….. an umbrella.

⇒ is raining

⇒ don’t have

Who is that man? Why …………. at us? What …………..?

⇒ is he looking

⇒ does he want

Tomorrow, I …………..my doctor in the morning.

am seeing

Where’s John? He ………….. to a new song in this room.

is giving music

Rita ………… hard all day yesterday but she …………… not ……….. today.

⇒ was working

⇒ is not working

Nitu ……….. reading a story at the moment.

⇒ is

The plane …………… the runway now. You are too late.

⇒ is leaving

I told you that I …………….. with you anymore. You’re simply not a team player.

⇒ am not working

Writing II

A. Write a letter or an email to the respective person apologizing for the mistake.

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Apologizing for the mistake

Dear Jack,

I apologize for the way things went last night. We’re both open-minded people, so you know sometimes our ego can get the better of us. In this case, my ego got the better of me, and I lost control.

When you helped to correct me, I thought you were trying to confront me, and I became overly defensive. The whole thing was an absolute misunderstanding.

I’m sorry and embarrassed for being angry and shouting at you. You’re a nice person, and you should not be treated like that by anyone. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I promise that something like this will never happen again.

My sincerest apologies,