English Model Question of Grade 8 (BLE)

Here is a model set of English. This set incorporates a grid and the latest curriculum.

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Model Question- 2078

Subject: English

Full Marks: 75 Class: VIII

Time: 2.5 hrs. 

Attempt all questions.

1. Rewrite the following sentences filling the gaps with suitable words.            5

a. Ramita had her daughter ……….. the cow. (milk/ to milk/ milked)

b. The children are afraid ………… the cat. (with/ of/ at)

c. We ………English now. (learn/ are learning/ learnt)

d ………..man who is in the red shirt is my brother.(a/ an/ the)

e. Laxmi Prasad Devkota could have lived longer if he…….. so heavily. (didn’t smoke/ smoked/ hadn’t smoked)

2. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets.                  5×1=5

a. Purna said, “I’ve done my homework.” (in indirect Speech)

b. Lata buys vegetables. (into passive)

c. Rita is going to Pokhara. (into past tense)

d. Either Badal or Upendra are working in a school. (Correct the sentence)

e. Muna did not attend the party ………… She was feeling unwell. (join sentences using suitable connective)

3. Punctuate the following paragraph.                                                          5

the man said, The village with clustered houses is ghale Gaun It is situated at northwest of Besishahar in Lamjung. It takes about a five-hour walk to reach there on foot from Besishahar. we can get there by Bus too. People who cannot walk can take a bus to go there. Almost all the inhabitants of Ghale Gaun are Ghyabre gurus

4. Read the following text and do the activities that follow.                      [10]

Ganesh Man Singh is publicly acclaimed as an acceptable leader of democracy. It is a sign of respect that all the Nepalese show towards him that they call him the supreme leader. He was born to a well-to-do family on November 09, 1915 in Itumbahal, Kathmandu. He studied in Darbar High school till grade six. He was expelled from the school for not respecting his fellow students who were Ranas. He went to India to continue his studies. After completing his I.Sc. from Vidyasagar college, he returned to Nepal. As soon as he returned to Nepal, he planned to protest against the autocratic rulers of Nepal. In 1940, he joined the Praja Parishad, the first political party in Nepal. Unfortunately, he was arrested on October 18, 1940. Though he was sentenced to life in prison for anti-Rana activities, he ultimately escaped from Bhadragol Jail in 1944. He spent many years struggling against the partyless Panchayat system. Finally, he led the Nepalese Democratic Movement in 1990 which overthrew the Panchayat System. He was the first Asian to be honoured with the United Nations Human Rights Award which he received in 1993.

A. State whether the following sentences are ‘True’ or ‘False’.                      2.5

Ganesh Man Singh was born to a well-to-do family.

He respected his fellow students who were Ranas.

He did his I.Sc. from Darbar High school.

He stayed in jail for life time.

The Nepalese Democratic Movement 1940 overthrew the Panchayat System.

B. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’.              2.5

‘A’                                                       ‘B’

a. Acclaimed         i. to make a strong objection.

b. Protest             ii. jail

c. Sentence           iii. greatly praised or highly respected.

d. Prison               iv. the judicial order for punishment.

e. autocratic         v. holding independent and arbitrary powers.

  1. Answer the following questions.                                                                            [5×1=5]

Who is Ganesh Man Singh?

Where was he born?

Where did he complete his I.Sc. from?

Why did he join the Praja Parishad?

When was the Panchayat System overthrown in Nepal?

  1. Read the following poem and do the activities that follow.                           [10]

A woman with her small baby entered her mango garden. Most of the mangoes were ripe. It could be easily guessed from far away because of scent. She saw many mangoes fallen on the ground. She put her baby on the ground and began to collect the mangoes. When she looked at her baby saw a furious cobra near the baby rearing its head up. She fainted and lay unconscious on the ground. The small baby tried to catch the snake. It was playing with it as if he were playing with a toy. The snake didn’t hurt him. When his mother gained consciousness she found the innocent baby beside her. He had come there by crawling.

A. atch the words with their opposite meanings.                                                2

Ripe                             guilty

Scent                            scatter

Collect                         odor

Innocent                      raw

B. Rearrange the following sentences into correct order.                                        5

The child played with the snake.

She put the baby on the ground.

The women entered the garden.

She began to collect the mangoes

She became unconscious.

C. Answer the following questions.                                                                                     3

With whom the woman entered the mango garden?

What did she see near the baby?

Did the snake hurt the baby?

Study the given vacancy and do the activities that follow.                                      [10]

Vacancy Announcement

City Center Shopping Centre, a well-known shopping center for genuine goods/products in Kathmandu, announces a vacancy for the post of an accountant. A hardworking and energetic candidate having at least three years of work experience can apply with a detailed CV and two passport size colour photographs.


Age: Below40 years

Other requirements: Good knowledge in computer-Word, Excel and Tally

Application deadline: March 10,2019

Write to:

The General Manager

City Centre Shopping Centre


  1. Match the words in column A with their meaning in column B.                             5

A                                             B

Well known                             a person who keeps an account

Post                                          reputed

Energetic                                  designation

Deadline                                  full of strength, active

Accountant                              last date

Format request

Answer the following questions.                                                                                         5

What is the required qualification for the post?

What kind of candidates can apply for the advertised post?

What additional qualifications or skills are required for the post?

Who has announced the vacancy?

Who should be addressed the application?

Complete the following dialogue by choosing the correct expressions from the box given below.             5

Shopkeeper: Good afternoon, sir.__________________

Customer: Good afternoon. I would like to look at some T-shirts.

Shopkeeper: ___________________________________

Customer: A well one. Do you have cotton ones?

Shopkeeper: Yes, of course.

Customer: Please, ___________________________

Shopkeeper: Oh, sorry, it’s smaller in size. It won’t suit for you.

Customer: Yeah! ____________________ I want to offer him it as a birthday gift.

Shopkeeper: Well then, ______________________

a.       What sort of T-shirts would you like, Sir?

b.      What can I do for you?

c.       Show me that yellow one.

d.      It’s great.

e.      I’m choosing it for my son.


  1. Write an essay on MY MOTHER.                                                                 10


Write a letter to your friend telling him about your experience of COVID-19. 10

Prepare an attractive leaflet including safety measures for Covid-19.5

Describe the following picture in your own words. 5

                                                                   Your labour will be paid off!

BLE Model Question set