English Model Question of Grade 6


Subject: English       F.M.:75 Class: Six  Time: 2hrs. 15 min.                                  

Candidates are required to show creativity in the answers wherever possible. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

  1. Complete the following sentences choosing the right option from the bracket. (5)
  2. I have ……. interesting book. (a/an)
  3. We …… a garden near our house. (has/have)
  4. Sabita was ill ….. she could not go to school. (so/because)
  5. We are students, ….. we? (are/aren’t)
  6. Mahesh is …. than Anupa. (tallest/taller)
  7. Change the following sentences as directed in the bracket. (5)
  8. Jack writes a letter. (simple past tense)
  9. They are farming. (past)
  10. He goes to school regularly. (simple future)
  11. She is a dancer. (yes/no question)
  12. They are running. (negative)
  13. Rewrite the following sentences with correct spellings and punctuation marks. (5)
  14. He bought a pen a book and a ball
  15. can you help me
  16. They didnt come to help Me.
  17. how many books do you have
  18. what a beautiful flower
  19. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the words given in the brackets. (5)
  20. Bikash can buy expensive clothes. He is rich. (because)
  21. I am tall. I cannot reach the fruit. (but)
  22. I found a ring. I was cleaning my room. (while)
  23. Bimala bought a book. She bought a ball. (and)
  24. They will meet Bina in the market. They will meet Sita in the market. (or)
  25. Read the following application and do the tasks that follow. (10)

April 5, 2020

The Principal,

Shree Padmodaya Secondary School


Subject: Application for sick leave

Dear Madam,

With due respect, I would like to inform you that I will not able to come to school tomorrow as I am suffering from fever. The doctor has suggested me to take medicine and take a rest for some days. I’m visiting the doctor tomorrow. Therefore, I request you to grant me a leave for a day. I shall be very grateful to you.

Your obedient student,

Mukesh Sharma

Grade: 6

  1. Complete the given paragraph choosing correct words form the box. 5
fever       April 5, 2020                principal       six       take medicine and rest

Mukesh is a student of Padmodaya Secondary School. He is studying in Grade ____This is a letter of application for sick leave written by Mukesh to his_______ It is written on_____ .  Mukesh is suffering from_______.  The doctor has advised him to________. Mukesh requests his Principal to grant him a leave for a day.

  1. Write TRUE or FALSE. 5
  2. Shree Padmodaya Secondary School is locates in Kathmandu.
  3. The applicant is suffering from cold.
  4. He wants two days leave.
  5. The letter was written on April 15, 2020.
  6. Mukesh is the principal of school.
  7. Read the following passage and do the activities that follow. (10)

Wild birds are afraid of us. They fly away when we go near them. But it is easy to be friendly with any bird. You must be patient and must have plenty of time. You must not try to catch a bird or hurt it.

Karuna always feeds the birds which come to her garden. They are quite wild, but they are also hungry. At first, they were afraid of her. She used to put some food on the top of a wall for them. They waited until she went back into the house. Then they flew down to eat the food. After a few months, they sat on the wall waiting for her. They came nearer and nearer to her hand because there was food in her hand. Now some of the birds eat the pieces of bread out of her hand. She also considers herself fortunate by feeding the birds. She calls it the best service to God.

  1. Find the words from the passage that are opposite in meaning to the following words. (1×5=5)
  2. far ii. difficult iii. impatient    iv. bottom        v. unlucky
  3. Answer the following questions. (1×5=5)
  4. Why do wild birds fly away when we go near them?
  5. Which birds does Karuna feed?

iii. How are the birds which come to Karuna’s garden?

  1. Why did the birds fly down?
  2. What is the best service to God, according to Karuna?
  3. Read the following passage and do the activities that follow. (10)

Once there lived a person who had a golden goose. It was named so because it laid a golden egg everyday. The person became rich because he got many eggs from the goose. But he was not satisfied with the wealth. Greed arose in him. One day he thought, “If I kill this goose, I can get all the eggs at a time and I will be the richest person soon. Only an egg a day is not enough for me.” This feeling of greed made him foolish and cruel. He killed the goose with a sharp knife and looked inside its body to collect many more eggs. But there were no eggs. Now he realized that he had made a great mistake. He wept bitterly. He remembered how the goose helped and had been kind to him; he remembered how it was living happily. The memory brought him pain. Later he could never be happy as he was before. He had committed a serious crime.

  1. Match the words form column A with the correct information in column B.(1×5=5)

Column A                                          Column B

The goose                                       was not satisfied with the gold.

The man                                          gave golden eggs.

The man’s greed                           gave him pain.

The memory of the goose          was used to kill the goose.

A knife                                         was the cause of a crime.

  1. Answer the following questions. (1×5=5)
  2. Why did the person become rich?
  3. What made the person foolish and cruel?

iii. Was the man greedy? How do you know?

  1. When did the person realise that he had made a great mistake?
  2. When did the man cry bitterly?
  3. Study the given invitation card and do the activities that follow. (10)


  1. Fill in the blank chhosing correct word from the bracket. 4
  2. This is ______ card.
  3. It is school’s ______ annual function.
  4. _______ is being invited.
  5. _______ is the principal of the school.
  6. Answer the following questions. 6
  7. What is the name of the school?
  8. Which function is going to happen at school?
  9. When and where will be the annual function?
  10. Read the following paragraph about Maya and write a similar paragraph about yourself. (5)

Maya is a student. She is 12 years old. She studies in grade seven. She has two brothers. Her parents are teachers. They teach in the same school. Maya’s favourite subject is English. She is not so good at mathematics so she has to study it hard. Maya does her homework in the evening. She goes to the market in the morning to buy a packet of milk. She likes milk very much. She loves animals. Therefore, she does not like to eat meat. She also thinks that meat is not good for health.

  1. Describe your school in about 100 words. (10)


                                                                                       Best of Luck!


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