English Grammar Test – Grade -7

Model Question Set
Subject: English Grammar                                                  Full Marks: 50
Class: VI                    Time: 1. 5 hrs.
English Grammar

Use the appropriate form of the verb to fill the blanks below.                   5×1=5

  1. Ram……….. (sing) a song.
  2. Kumar ……….(go) Butwal yesterday.
  3. The bus………(come) in time.
  4. I will………..(pass) the exam.
  5. Narayan Gopal ………(is) a great singer of Nepal.

Change the following into the present continuous tense.       5×1=5

Eg. Susmita cooks rice.

Ans. Susmita was cooking rice.

  1. They change the house.
  2. We ride the bicycle.
  3. She jumps over the fence.
  4. Girls dress up perfectly.
  5. Parbati buy new clothes

Change the following into different tenses.                                    5×2=10

Simple PresentSimple PastSimple Future
I write.  
 They are farming. 
  Cows will run.
 He was reading book. 
Ram has kept my book..  

Change the following sentences into negative.      5

  • She dances well.
  • We were learning good habits.
  • Students go on picnic.
  • I have talked too much.
  • She went home yesterday

Add tag for the following statements.         5×1=5

Eg. He is reading now.

Ans. He is reading now, isn’t he?

  1. He is a student.
  2. I’m from Beni.
  3. She will go tomorrow.
  4. We aren’t  playing now.
  5. Reeya had not done all work.

Use ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘because’, although’ or ‘if’ and join the sentences.                     5

  1. Biajya reads well. He writes well.
  2. Dogs like bones. Cats like milk.
  3. He is punished. He comes late.
  4. They are poor. They are happy.
  5. You want to join the picnic. You must complete the task first.

Use in/on/at/since/for to fill the blanks.   5×1=5

  1. The students are ……the line.
  2. They are dancing ………her birthday party.
  3. ……..5 am he was there.
  4. It has been raining …………..morning.
  5. We have a holiday ……two months.

Underline the adverb in the following sentences.  5×1=5

Eg. Babita sings pretty well.

Ans. Babita sings pretty well.

  1. Saroj likes it very much.
  2. She takes bath daily.
  3. They have gone away.
  4. I never tell a lie.
  5. Reshma speaks politely.

Write a short paragraph about your best friend.