English Grammar – Adverb, Kinds, Definition and Formation Along with Confusing Adverbs and Their Use

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An adverb is a describing word which usually adds more to the meaning of a verb, adjective or another adverb.

There are six kinds of adverbs:

Adverb of Manner

It indicates ‘how’ or in ‘what manner’ an action takes place.
Examples: nicely, badly, hastily, slowly, fast etc.

Adverb of Degree

It indicates “how much’ or to what extent/degree’ an action take place
Examples; Too, very, almost, nearly, quite, fully, absolutely, totally etc.

Adverb of Place

It indicates where or ‘at which place’ an action takes place
Examples: Left, right, upstairs, downstairs, outside, inside etc.

Adverb of Time

It indicates ‘when’ or ‘ at what time’ an action takes place.
Examples: Just, already, tomorrow, yesterday, today, yet still etc.

Adverb of Frequency

It indicates ‘how often’ or ‘at what intervals’ an action takes place
Examples: usually, often, always, seldom, rarely, barely, never, sometimes, everyday etc. 

Interrogative Adverb

It indicates the query related with an action’
Examples: how, why, when, where, who, what etc.

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