English Book for Grade 7

The Curriculum and curricular materials have been developed and revised on a regular basis with an aim to make the education objective-oriented, practical and relevant. It is necessary to instil the feelings of nationalism, national integrity and democratic spirit in students and equip them with morality, discipline and self-reliance so as to develop the social, personal skills and the basic competencies of language, science, occupation, information and communication technology, environment and health, and life skills. The education should help them appreciate and make them aware of arts and aesthetics, preserve and promote their own social norms, values and ideals, equip them with creative skills, have due respect on ethnicity, languages, religions, cultures, and regional diversity, human rights so as to make them capable to play the role of responsible citizens. This textbook has been developed in line with the basic level English Curriculum (Grade 6-8) 2012 which was developed by incorporating the recommendations of various education commissions and also feedback obtained from the workshops and seminars attained by teachers, students and parents.

Bringing out the book in this form, the contribution of the executive director of CDC Diwakar Dhungel, Prof. Dr Yogendra Prasad Yadav, Shambhu Prasad Dahal, Bam Dev Gautam, Tulasi Prasad Acharya, Bishnu Prasad Parajuli, Smita Nepal, Madhu Upadhaya and Ganga Dhar Hada is highly acknowledged. The new edition of this book has been prepared to make it more interesting and relevant to the students with multicolour design. CDC extends sincere thanks to all contributors who contributed to preparing this new edition of the book including Nim Prakash Rathore for editorial support, Shreehari Shrestha for coordinating the task of artworks and design, Ganesh Bhattarai and director-general of curriculum development centre Dr Lekha Nath Poudel for overall coordination in preparing this edition. A textbook is one of the important curricular materials. This book contains a veriety of reading materials and exercises which will help learners to achieve the competency and learning outcomes set in the curriculum. Each unit deals with all language skills and the subject matters required to practise various language learning activities. There is uniformity in the presentation of activities which will certainly make it convenient for the students. The teachers, students and others concerned are expected to make constructive comments and suggestions to make it a useful learning material in its future editions.

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

2019AD Curriculum Development Center

Unit 1 Places to Visit 1
Unit 2 Travel Excitement 11
Unit 3 Locations and Positions 22
Unit 4 Famous Monuments 32
Unit 5 Wishes and Choices 39
Unit 6 Famous People 48
Unit 7 Festivals in Nepal 60
Unit 8 See the Difference 72
Unit 9 A Plan for a Visit 81
Unit 10 The Endangered Species 90
Unit 11 Our Values 99
Unit 12 Games and Sports 109
Unit 13 Instructions 122
Unit 14 Excursion to the Zoo 133
Unit 15 Narrating Events 141
Listening Text 150