During the Vacation

During the four-day vacation, teachers and parents should ask their children to do at least this kind of homework. Parents should discuss such issues with their children.

1.  What is the environment like outside your home today?  Draw a picture

2.  Describe the picture you made in 100-200 words

3.  What is the reason for such a change in the environment?  Review based on what’s in newspapers and social media

4.  How do you feel about the school being closed because of the bad weather?

5.  How does air pollution affect our health?

6.  Are the elderly and children considered very sensitive?  Why are they more affected by air pollution than adults?

7.  What are the causes of air pollution?

8.  What are the causes of air pollution around your home?  What measures do you suggest to them to reduce air pollution?

9.  Have you ever seen a forest fire?  Why the fire?  How does a fire affect wildlife and plants?

10.  How do you think fire can be controlled?

11.  How do smoke from industries and factories and fueled vehicles pollute the air?  What can be done to control it?

12.  Do you think that burning wood, cooking straw, and plastic waste from your home causes air pollution?  What can be done to control it?

13.  Is Kathmandu called one of the most polluted cities in the world?  Why is Kathmandu so polluted?  How responsible are you?

14.  Due to the fact that Kathmandu is a valley, it is said that the polluted air here has become more polluted due to the inability to get out easily.  How scientific is this statement?  Could the geography of a region be different with certain geographical conditions?

15.  What is the effect of this state of the world or increasing air pollution on human beings?  What is the effect on the earth and the atmosphere?

16.  What is global warming?  What does this have to do with air pollution?

17.  What can be done to reduce air pollution?

18.  How do I know if a certain area has air pollution?  How is it measured?

19.  What is AQI?  How to find it  How to measure it?  How to find out how polluted the air in a place is?

20.  What is the AQI of the city or village where you live?  What is the condition of air pollution in ten major cities of Nepal?

Ask the above questions individually according to the age and level of the children. Even small class children can sometimes talk about serious topics. I can participate in the discussion. I can only discuss these topics first and let them write or do various project work.  , Observations, Social Networks or other content including Google / YouTube / Wikipedia.
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In the case of small class children, the parents themselves can participate and discuss with them in a language and style that they can understand.  You can do activities like asking where the smoke from cooking comes from, where the smoke from the car goes. 

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