Controversy of Mahanayak / Superhero and Rajesh Hamal


Controversy over terms and phrases arises in Nepali films from time to time. Sometimes it’s about the Mahanayak [Superhero], sometimes it’s about the Mahanayika [Superheroin]. There is no government body that gives such terms, nor is it a credible institution. That is why there is controversy over such terms.

Controversy of Mahanayak / Superhero and Rajesh Hamal

Especially in the Nepali film industry, there is a heated debate on the issue of who is the ‘superhero’. Well, such debates have not taken place in major film forums. The issue of who is the ‘superhero’ is being hotly debated in the media and on social media. Whether it is the controversy over Deepashree talking about Rajesh Hamal in the first lockdown caused by Kovid-19, or the recent issue of Bhuvan KC being called ‘Mahanayak’ by Shiva Shrestha in a roundabout way or Gauri Malla being called ‘Mahanayika’. This issue is gaining ground from time to time.

Not only ‘superhero’, but also ‘superhero’ was given to Karisma Manandhar. She also received the title of ‘Mahanayika’ from Rajesh Hamal. A few weeks ago, Shiva Shrestha said that the ‘heroine’ was Gauri Malla. Gauri Malla immediately made it clear that she had no interest in such terms. She said that she was only concerned with good work and the love of the audience. Many liked his response.

Rajesh Hamal, on the other hand, said that while someone was throwing a stone at the lake of ‘Mahanayak’ and its wave was spreading towards the shore, those who spoke against him on social media were told not to swear. Nowhere does he say that he is not a ‘superhero’ and that he should only evaluate his work and not embellish it with unnecessary phrases. He said that every person working in any period will make a contribution and the person should be appreciated on the basis of contribution. This means that he is not dissatisfied with the term given to him.

This is what happened to the terms ‘superhero’ and ‘superhero’. Apart from this, many terms have come into use in Nepal. ‘Superstar’, ‘Megastar’, ‘Evergreen Hero-Heroine’ etc.

Are these topics necessary for Nepali films or not? Some filmmakers say no. He says unnecessary issues are being raised. Filmmakers understand that debates on such issues will not help lift the film industry. He complained that the senior filmmakers were involved in various other terms to discuss the issues raised by the film and its impact. Director Sujit Bidari says that this has revealed the reality of where Nepali films and filmmakers are.

The real contributor is the one who contributes to the film industry on his behalf when embarrassed. Rajesh Hamal has been claiming that he has contributed to the development of the region as an industry by playing a large number of films in the early years. He has been saying that he has promoted two or four films a year.

Sujit is of the view that the rumors of superheroes are seasonal rumors. Who benefits from this rumor, he says, at the same time he is spreading rumors.

He is of the opinion that an honorary degree has no meaning in the field of art. He says that there is agreed for someone to address this or that term but there is no justification for it. Sujit has remarked that the work is being done on one side and Kumlo Boki on the other side.

“There is a tendency to rejoice in unnecessary rumors and discussions about focusing on one’s work. We have a habit of rejoicing in self-praise by doing self-praise, ”he says. There is a debate about the quality of acting in the film and its various genres, but there is a debate on unnecessary issues that are not needed. ”

Who is the ‘superhero’ and who is the ‘superheroine’? Director Sujit says that there is ‘crying’ about this. He complains that no one has paid attention to the discussion on how to move the film industry forward in the current zero time.

“We are still fighting over how to move forward in a new way,” he said. It shows our condition. This confirms why our films are not good, for the same reason, ”he said.

He says that nothing has been accomplished in the free time created by the fear of corona infection, adding that time has been spent on such trivial and unnecessary things. If the film is a mirror of society, then such unnecessary issues are a mirror of Nepali films and filmmakers, he said.

There is no superhero in any film industry. He who has won the hearts of the audience becomes a popular artist among the masses. Critic and director Manoj Pandit say that it is a mistake to use the protagonist in the story of the film. He understands that the one who can bring out the troubled society is the hero. “In our society, Sanduk Ruit is the hero. Anuradha Koirala is the heroine, ”he says. It is the work of those who do not understand the language of the film. ”

He said that one could call Rajesh Hamal an artist but calling him a ‘hero’ or a ‘superhero’ would be misuse and practice. He concludes that he can be respected as an actor who has worked for a long time and acted in many films, but he cannot be called a hero.

“Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla can be called artists of great potential. But, if someone says hero or superhero, he should be understood as a person who does not understand the language of film, ”explains Manoj.“ The result of such a weak understanding is our current film and film industry. Its chain is running and the next generation is following it. ” He says that only knowledge can solve this existing problem.

He was criticized for not knowing how to choose a movie when Rajesh Hamal was busy. He has also accepted it. He has also said that he has failed in the last two films ‘Bagmati’ and ‘Sakuntala’.

He has been working on the music video of the song lately. She is dancing in a music video with the next generation of artists. He has been criticized for failing to save his contribution and dignity in the film.

He has not only critics but also supporters. Many filmmakers are ready to consider him a ‘superhero’. As many filmmakers are ready to consider him as a ‘superhero’, many times more viewers consider Rajesh worthy of a ‘superhero’.

In last year’s lockdown, Deepashree was heavily criticized on social media for not fulfilling the responsibilities of ‘superhero’. Even though he apologized that his intention was not bad but he failed to choose the word, Rajesh’s supporters had insulted Deepashree. Deepashree was abused so much that her co-worker said that she was in a state of ‘depression’.

Whether he is a ‘superhero’ or not, Rajesh is the leading hero of the Nepali film industry, no matter where he stands. Of course, he is not the only contributor to the Nepali film industry today, but he has also added bricks. Bhuvan KC, Shiva Shrestha, and Karishma Manandhar have similar contributions. But, ironically, these four heroes/heroines did not make any significant contribution during the last one and a half years of Nepali cinema. Nor did they take the initiative.

After the first lockdown, Shiva Shrestha released his film in the cinema hall which was opened with 50 percent seat capacity, but the audience was not attracted to his film. Initially, the distributor and exhibitor said, “Shiva Dai came to be a god for Nepali films by deciding to screen his film.” One of the distributors went a step further and said us, “Shiva Dai has earned the respect he earned by spending almost forty years from a movie.”

Even now, Shovit Basnet’s film ‘Dandako Varapipal’ starring Bhuvan KC and Shiva Shrestha is being released. However, this is not the film of choice for screenings by distributors and distributors. Distributors and exhibitors wanted to release as many big banner films as possible. But, this movie has arrived as no one is ready.

When the film industry is empty, Rajesh is spending time dancing in the video of the song. When Nepali films were in trouble, those who wanted to adorn themselves with various terms were mostly anonymous.