Sharing Tradition: Summary & Question Answer

Sharing Tradition by Frank LaPena Summary of Sharing Tradition The essay “Sharing Tradition” has been written by an American writer Frank LaPena. In this essay, the essayist has presented the concept of sharing tradition. In this essay, the sharing tradition…

Freewriting Exercise [Communication]

Freewriting Exercise

Freewriting Exercise Here in this essay “Freewriting“, the author persuades his readers using his various ideas, examples as well as supportive opinions. Here, the author has put forward his opinions related to writing skills and their improvements through the process…

Summary of Knowledge and Wisdom and Exercise

Knowledge and Wisdom Summary and Exercise by Bertrand Arthur William Russell

Knowledge and Wisdom by Bertrand Arthur William Russell  Summary In short Summary of the essay knowledge and wisdom highlights the intertwined relations of knowledge and wisdom in human lifeThe essay ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’ is written by British essayist Bertrand Arthur…

Uphill – Poem by Christina Rossetti: Summary

“Uphill” is a classic example of Rossetti’s devotional literature, which dealt with doubt as well as eternal assurance. The road takes on several meanings, each revealing a facet of Rossetti's contemplation of life and its hardships.