BLE Model Question of English for 2079

BLE Model Question of English for 2079

Class: 8                                                                                                              FM: 75

Subject: English                                        Time 2:15 hours                           PM: 30

Attempt all questions

1.Rewrite the following sentences selecting the correct options. [5]

Suman is ………….. university student. (a/an/the)

Tina was born ………… December 02,2007. (on/in/at)

My father works hard in the field…… grow more crops. (so that/for/in order to)

Manu, water the field ……. (herself/yourself/himself)

There is a rattle snake in the shelf, ………. ? (is it/ isn’t there/ isn’t it)

2. Change the following sentences as indicated in brackets. [3]

A strong wind blew off the hat. (into passive)

Ranjtia said to me, “I can’t to come with you.” (into indirect Speech)

Does Amit drive a car safely? (into statement)

3. Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the box below.[2]

[have been, has bee, is coming, has come]

Don’t cross the road! The bus ……….

Either the cat or the dog ………….. killed.

4. Read the following passage and do the given activities.

On the way, Deva the saint and Ashamvay, the disciple had to cross a river. After bathing in the river, Deva wanted to take a rest for a while. He took the money bag and pushed it into a quilt that he was carrying. Then, he hold the disciple, “I have to respond to nature’s call. I am leaving this quilt to Shiva here. keep an eye on it.” The moment the guru went out of his sight watching two well-fed goats fight ferociously. As blood was running down from their heads, a jackal came there to feast on the blood the two goats were shedding. Deva saw the jackal entering the scene and thought that the jackal would surely die caught between the warring goats. His surmise came true and the jackal died, gored by the two goats.

Ashamvav collected the money bag and fled from the place With great trust in his disciple. Deva decided to join a crowd. After the death of the jackal, Deva returned to where he had left the money bag with Ashamvav. He found Ashamvav missing. The holy quit was there but not the money-bag He began wailing “Oh, trickster, What have you done? I have lost everything in the world. “After a vain search for the trickster, the foolish saint returned home unhappily.

A. Write T for true and ‘F’ for false statements. [2]

Deva had carried his money bag when he was going for bathing

Ashamvav looked after the money bag carefully.

iii. The jackal died gored by the two warring goats

Deva became so happy when he lost his money bag.

B. Match following.

Column A             Column B

disciple              devotee of god

trickster                  a loud long high cry expressing pain

saint                        person who believes in and follows the leader

wailing               person who tricks or cheats people

Answer the following questions.

What did Ashamvav do when Deva was out of sight?

How did the jackal die?

Why did Deva start wailing?

Was the saint foolish? How do you know?

5. Read the text and do the activities that follow.

Games and sports keep one physically and mentally fit. They keep on away from diseases relating to the heart, obesity, mental stress, and sleeplessness. They instil in the player a spirit of self-confidence, self-reliance discipline, justice, fair play and patriotism Games provide us with recreation and enjoyment Games keep our body alert, active, youthful and energetic. Games increase the circulation of blood, boost metabolism, burn calories and improve respiration and digestion. Healthy people can work hard and cheerfully for a long period of time. They can face dangers boldly. They enable players to follow other virtues like discipline, honesty, integrity, loyalty and patriotism. While playing games various exercises are performed automatically Brisk walking running, cycling, skipping, swimming and yoga are common activities to keep fit. Mild exercises help patients recover from heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure etc. Exercise invigorates us.

A. Fill the gaps with a suitable word from the text above. [2]

Games and sports keep physical and………………….

Healthy people can work hard for a long period of time…………………

They can face dangers………………..

While playing games various exercises are performed………………….

B. Match the following with opposite meanings.

Column ‘A’              Column ‘B’

stress                      cowardly

boldly                     relaxation

enjoyment              elderly

youthful                 displeasure

C. Answer the following questions.

How do games help people keep physical fit?

What good qualities do games enable players develop?

iii. Why do patients need mild exercises?

What short of exercises are performed while playing games?

6. Read the given passage and do the activities that follow.

Raj knew that his father was very much angry with him and had lost all his hope that he would do anything worthwhile in life So, in order to please his father, he borrowed a hundred rupee note from his friend and gave it to his father. His father took it and threw it into a big fire and said, ‘Nonsense this is not your labour One day the son really earned a hundred rupee note and gave it to his father. The father threw it again into the fire. The soon tried to take out his money from the fire and said “Father, I have eamed it” The father smiled and said, “Good you have earned it, so you love it.”

A. Rewrite these sentences choosing the best answer. [2]

Raj’s father was ………..

excited    ii. glad        iii. angry

Raj borrowed a hundred rupee note to…

give to his father   ii. throw into the fire        iii. please his father

After throwing the note into the fire, the father

Thanked his son    ii. loved his son     iii. scolded his son

Seeing the son trying to take out the note from the fire, the father

thanked his son  ii. rebuked him very much iii. smiled

Put the following sentence in the correct order. [2]

Raj tired to take out his money from the fire.

Raj’s father was terribly angry with him.

iii. Raj’s father threw it and scolded him.

Raj borrowed a one hundred rupee note and gave it to his father.

B. Answer the following questions. [6]

What did Raj know?

What did do to please his father?

How was the father’s reaction when the son said, ‘Father, i have earned it’ ?

7. Read the notice below and answer the questions.


This is to notify to all valued general and life members of NELTA that the scheduled programmes of the eleventh international conference have been postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. Detailed information about the conference with a new schedule of programmes will be made available at each branch of NELTA across the nation within two weeks.

NELTA would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent decision of the central executive committee.

Nepal English Language Teacher’s Association (NELTA)

Central committee. Maharajgunj, KTM (Behind US Embassy)

A. Match the following with a similar meaning. [2]

Column ‘A’                      Column ‘B’

unforeseen                         to say sorry

scheduled                          planned something for certain time

conference                         unexpected

apologize                           assembly

B. Fill in the gap below with suitable words from the above notice.[2] 

The notice is addressed to ………

NELTA would like to ………. for the inconvenience caused by the recent decision.

The notice is released by ……….

NELTA is located at ……….

C. Answer these questions.

What does NELTA stand for? [6]

Where is the detail information said to be found?

Why has NELTA postponed the scheduled programmes?

What two types of members are there in NELTA?

8. Complete the following dialogue with the appropriate options. [5]

Divan:        ……….. is this the sales counter?

Clear:        Yes, please ……..

Divan:        I want a ticket to Beijing ……..

Clerk:        No. I am sorry. We don’t have a direct flight from Kathmandu to Beijing…….

Divan:        I see ……..

Clerk:        Yes, could you give me details, please?

Divan:        All right

Can book a ticket to Beijing for 20th oct.

What can I do for you?

Excuse me!

But we have flights to Beijing via Hongkong.

Do you have a direct flight to Beijing?

9. Write a news story using the following clues given in the box. [5]


-A sumo (Na 3 pa 2424) going Hetauda from Kathmandu

-Skipped off the road and fell nearly 100 meters. Down the road near Jurikhet in Makawanpur district.

-Including the driver, 4 killed on the spot

-5 injured undergoing treatment in Hetauda hospital

10. Write an essay on the “Importance of female education” in about 150 words. [15]


Write a letter to your younger brother/ sister telling him/her about the dangers of junk food.

-The End-

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