BLE Model Question, English with Answer Key

Subject: English                                                                                          Full Marks: 75
Class: VIII                                                 Time: 2.5                                 Pass Marks: 30
English Question

English Question


1. Rewrite the following sentences filling the gaps with a suitable word.  5

  1. Jack is from ____ UK. (a/ an/ the/nothing)
  2. Her book is ____ the table. (on/ in/ at/ with)
  3. The match was postponed ____ the rain. (although/ so that/ in spite of/ because of)
  4. Let us play the game,_____? ( will you/ shall we/ won’t you/ don’t you)
  5. You should go there­­_______. ( himself/ itself/ yourself/ myself)

2. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets. 3×1=3

  1. She does not buy fancy dress. (into passive)

The fancy dress is not bought by her.

2. Sangita said to me “I am tired”. (into indirect speech)

He told me that he was tired.

3. Amit drives safely. (into negative)

Amit does not drive safely.

4. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the bracket.           2

(was raining/ rained/ has/ have)

a. It rained heavily last night.

b. No friend of mine has a laptop.

3. Read the following text and do the activities that follow. [10]

Prince Siddhartha Gautam was born in Lumbini in Nepal about 2555 years ago. He had a luxurious royal life in the palace until he was 29. He was completely ignorant of the trouble of everyday life. One day, he went outside and was shocked when he saw an old man, a cripple, and a corpse. The sights made him leave the palace and worldly pleasures in order to find the cause of these sufferings and the true meaning of life. After much wandering and searching, Gautam finally attained enlightenment and became known as Buddha. He preached the four noble truths. According to him, desire is the root cause of all suffering. These desires and other problems can be totally eliminated by following the rule eight-fold path- right views, right intent, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right meditation.

A. State whether the following sentences are ‘True’ or ‘False’. 2

  1. Siddhartha Gautam was born in Lumbini.      True
  2. He was aware of the trouble of everyday life while staying in a palace. False
  3. He was delighted when he saw an old man, a cripple, and a corpse. False
  4. Desire is the root cause of suffering.   True

B. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’. 2

            ‘A’                                                       ‘B’

a. Luxurious                            d. knowledge about and understanding of something

b. Cripple                                   ignorance

c. Corpse                                  a. very comfortable

d. Enlightenment                   b. dead body

                                                   b. A disabled person                  

C. Answer the following questions.                           6

  1. Where and when was Siddhartha Gautam born?

in Lumbini in Nepal about 2555 years ago.

  • What made him shocked?

an old man, a cripple, and corpse

  • Why did he leave the palace and worldly pleasures?

 in order to find the cause of sufferings and the true meaning of life

5. Read the following text and do the activities that follow. [10]

Everyone may have good habits as well as bad habits. We should give up our bad habits and adopt good ones. We are able to create change and eliminate our habits. However, it is not so easy. Good habits help us control our lives. We need to do more in a short time; to improve our relationships with other people and promote self-confidence. Good habits help us to be happy in life and find a balance between time for school, work, recreation, meeting people, and other activities. We need to find out what we value most in our life. Moreover, it determines our habits and our habits will determine who we are.

A. Find the synonyms for the following words in the text.              2

a. remove(eliminate) b. encourage(promote)    c. refreshment(recreation)  d. embrace(adopt)

B. Write TRUE or FALSE.                                                               2

  1. People have only good habits.                         False
  2. We must give up our good habits and adopt bad ones.           False
  3. It is not easy to change our habits.      True
  4. Good habits destroy our life.               False   

B. Answer the following questions.                                                   6

  1. What kind of habits should we give up? (bad habits)
  2. How do good habits help us? (to control our life, to be happy…)
  3. Find any two connectives from the text above and write.

6. Read the given letter and do the activities that follow.

Washington DC

April 20, 2021

My dear daughter Ganga

I am so glad to hear of your brilliant success in the BLE 2078. You have topped the list and won scholarships, too. My heartiest congratulations!

The news of your success has delighted us all beyond measure. Everybody here is dancing with joy. We are proud of you. You have shown the way to your all junior siblings. It is our will that it shapes your destiny.

I have no doubt you will rise from glory to glory. May your success open for you all the golden gates of opportunity!

Your Loving Father

Fill in the gap with appropriate words from the letter.        2

Ganga is addressed in this letter.

Ganga has won scholarships for being top in BLE.

The letter was written on April 20, 2021.

Everybody is dancing to celebrate Ganga’s success.

Answer the following questions.                                            6

What has Ganga done so worthy? (topped in BLE)

How are family members celebrating the joy of success?(dancing)

Who wrote this letter?(Ganga’s father)

Choose the best answer from the options and write.

a. The above letter is an example of:

i) regret letter ii) complaint letter iii) congratulation letter

b. Ganga stood first in:

    i) DLE                     ii) BLE             iii) SEE

c. Ganga’s father lives in:

   i) Syangja     ii) Washington DC                 iii) Washington

d. The opposite word for delight is:

   i) happy        ii) unhappy     iii) glad

7. Read the given text and do the tasks that follow.

Once, a fox was very hungry. He was roaming in search of food. He came to the vineyard. It was full of grapes. These were hanging from the vines. Seeing the grapes the fox said to himself, “how lucky I am”. There are so many sweet grapes. I must have some of them to satisfy my hunger.” Saying this he jumped again and again, but the grapes were hanging very high up. So he could not reach them by any means. He was much disappointed at his failure to get grapes. At last, he consoled himself saying, “The grapes are sour, I don’t like them.” Then, he went away.

Match the following words in column A with their meanings in column B.                                                                                 2

A                                       B

Ripe                                   fortunate

Lucky                                upset

Hunger                              ready to be eaten

Disappointed                     appetite

Rearrange the following statements in the correct order according to the story.                                                                            5

Grapes were hanging from the vines. (2)

A fox was hungry. (1)

He jumped again and again. (4)

He thought himself lucky. (3)

He went away. (6)

He was disappointed. (5)

Write True or False:                                                               3

The fox was roaming in search of food. T

The vineyard was full of grapes.              T

The fox thought himself unlucky.              F

The fox could not get the grapes.              T

The fox satisfied his hunger.                     F

The grapes were sour in real.                    F

8. Complete the following dialogue choosing the expression given below.5

Ramesh: Good morning, Mr. Dahal

Mr. Dahal: Good morning, Ramesh. Late again!

Ramesh: Oh, yes I woke up too late this morning. I could not catch the first bus.

Mr. Dahal: Hum! You should have got up earlier.

Ramesh:  I am terribly sorry. It won’t happen again.

Mr. Dahal: It’s alright.

It’s alright. Hum! You should have got up earlier. It won’t happen again. Late again! I woke up too late this morning. You are most welcome.

9.  The given pie chart shows the expenditure of Mrs. Sharma in different sectors. Study carefully and interpret it.                               5

10. Write an essay on one of the following topics:                15

a. My School b. Importance of Games and Sports c. My Hobby  


Write a letter to your friend telling him or her about your plan after BLE.

Your labor will be paid off!