Advance Use of ‘Article’ in English Grammar – A, An, The


Definite Article ‘the’

Indefinite Article ‘a, an’

  • Before the countable and uncountable nouns

        He is the captain of our team.

        The shampoo is sweet smelling

  •  Before the noun starting with vowel and consonant sound

        The orange are ripe.

        The bus has not yet arrived.

  • To make the noun particular or special.

        Call the boy here. immediately. (means the special boy who is being spoken of)

  • Before singular countable noun

        He is a boy.

        Dog is an animal

  • ‘A’ is used before the noun starting with consonant sound. While ‘An’ is used before noun starting with vowel sound.

        Take a bus to reach school.

        Give me an apple to eat.

  • To indicate that the noun is not particular but common or general also mean ONE in number.

        A boy is sitting in the table.

        An aeroplane has just landed.

Practice the following exercise for better understanding