A Tale of Two Birds Class 8 English Exercise [New Course]

A Tale of Two Birds

Find the words from the text that have the following meanings:

a. Nestlings- i. Young birds that have not yet learned to fly

b. Wicked- ii. evil or morally wrong

c. Tranquil- iii. peaceful

d. Hermitage- iv. the dwelling of a hermit

e. Hermit- v. a person living in solitude as a religious disciple

f. Robbers- vi. someone who steals money or property

c. Imitates- vii. copy the way a person speaks or behaves

B. Put the following events of the story in the correct order:

A bird and its two nestlings lived in a forest.

The tall tree in which the birds had their nest fell down.

The mother bird was killed; however, the nestlings survived.

The other nestling lived near a hermitage.

The robbers were informed by a brown bird about the arrival of the king.

The bird welcomed the king and requested him to be comfortable at the hermitage.

The hermit told the king that one was known by the company one kept.

C. Read the story again and answer the following questions:

a. What caused the tall tree to fall down?

⇒ The big storm caused the tall tree to fall down.

b. Where were the nestlings blown to?

⇒ The nestlings were blown to different places. One landed near a cave where robbers lived, and the other landed near a hermitage.

c. Was the king able to catch the deer? How do you know?

⇒ No, the king was not able to catch the deer. It is mentioned that the deer ran deep into the forest, followed by the king, and the king lost his way.

d. Why do you think the brown bird informed the robbers about the arrival of the king?

⇒ The brown bird informed the robbers about the arrival of the king possibly because it had made friends with the robbers and imitated their behaviour.

e. Why did the king not fight with the other robber’s gang?

⇒  The king did not fight with the robber’s gang because they were more in number, and the king decided not to mess with them.

D. One is known by the company one keeps. Do you agree with the statement? Discuss.

The statement “One is known by the company one keeps” suggests that an individual’s character and reputation are influenced by the people they associate with. While there is merit to the idea that our associations can shape our behavior and how others perceive us, it is important to recognize that it is not the sole determinant of our character. Personal growth, individual choices, and independent thought also play significant roles. Making broad judgments based solely on the company one keeps can be unfair and overlook the complexity of human relationships. Ultimately, while our associations have an impact, they do not define us entirely.

Grammar I

Match the sentences in the left column with their indirect speech in the right column.

The teacher said to the boys, “Have you done your homework?” – iv. The teacher asked the boys if they had done their homework.

The little girl said to the man, “Will you help me?” -viii. The little girl asked the man to help her.

Ridish said, “I have been reading this book.” -vi. Ridish said that he had been reading that book.

My mother said to me, “Go and change your dress.” -i. My mother told me to go and change my dress.

Rita said, “I had read this book before I gave it to you.” -ii. Rita said that she had read that book before she had given it to me.

Alish said, “I will bring my guitar.” -iii. Alish said that he would bring his guitar.

The boss told the clerk, “Bring me that file.” -x. The boss ordered the clerk to bring her that file.

Prima asked, “Have you read that book?”- ix. Prima asked if I had read that book.

Rabina said to Shambhu, “Where is our watch?”- v. Rabina asked Shambhu where his watch was.

Sophia said, “What do you want?”- vii. Sophia inquired what I wanted.

B. Change the following sentences into indirect speech. Use the reporting clauses given.

“I’m coming now.”

She told me that she was coming then.

“Please, help me get to the hospital.”

He requested me to help him get to the hospital.

“Can you give me your phone number?”

She asked me if I could give her my phone number.

“Reshma does not work.”

He said that Reshma does not work.

“Where is he?”

She asked me where he was.

“Come here at once.”

She commanded me to come there at once.

“What are you doing?”

She asked me what I was doing.

“Do you work in a factory?”

She asked him if he worked in a factory.

“Why did you go out last night?”

She asked why I had gone out the previous night.

“Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.”

She told me that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

Writing I

Write a story beginning with ‘Two friends were walking along the forest…….’

Two friends were walking along the forest path, their footsteps blending harmoniously with the whispering breeze and rustling leaves. Sarah and Mark, inseparable companions since childhood, had always found solace in the embrace of nature. The sun cast dappled patterns through the dense foliage above, creating an enchanting dance of light and shadow on the forest floor.

As they strolled deeper into the woods, an air of excitement seemed to fill the atmosphere. It was as if the forest itself held secrets waiting to be discovered. Their hearts brimmed with anticipation, curious about what lay ahead. Sarah’s hazel eyes sparkled with wonder, while Mark’s mischievous grin hinted at his eagerness for adventure.

Their playful banter subsided as they stumbled upon an ancient, moss-covered stone with mysterious engravings. The markings appeared unfamiliar, an intricate pattern etched into the surface, as though it held the key to a forgotten realm. Entranced by its allure, Sarah gently traced her fingers along the patterns, her touch setting off a faint ripple in the air.

Suddenly, the forest around them transformed. Colors intensified, vibrant hues swirling and blending with the sounds of unseen creatures. Trees swayed in an ethereal dance, and a gentle melody drifted through the air. Sarah and Mark exchanged bewildered glances, their eyes reflecting a mix of excitement and apprehension.

Without warning, a figure materialized before them—a luminous being with iridescent wings and eyes that held the wisdom of centuries. The creature introduced herself as Aurora, the Guardian of the Forest. She revealed that the engravings on the stone were a portal, unlocking the path to a hidden realm known as Everdawn.

Aurora explained that Everdawn was a realm brimming with magic, a sanctuary where dreams and imagination converged. But in recent times, an evil force had cast its shadow over the land, draining it of its vitality. The once-thriving realm was now withering, its beauty fading with each passing day.

Sarah and Mark felt a surge of determination within them. They couldn’t bear the thought of Everdawn losing its enchantment. With the guidance of Aurora, they embarked on a quest to restore balance and bring light back to the realm. Armed with their unwavering friendship and the newfound magic bestowed upon them, they ventured forth into the unknown.

Their journey led them through ancient forests, mystical caves, and breathtaking landscapes. They encountered fantastical creatures, both friend and foe, whose destinies were intertwined with the fate of Everdawn. Through their courage, compassion, and unwavering spirit, Sarah and Mark inspired hope in those they encountered, rekindling a flickering flame of resistance against the encroaching darkness.

As they neared their ultimate destination—the Heart of Everdawn—their determination only grew stronger. The Heart held the essence of the realm, a source of boundless energy and creation. But it was guarded by a powerful entity, the embodiment of the darkness they sought to vanquish.

In a climactic battle, Sarah and Mark faced the embodiment of darkness with unwavering resolve. They channeled the magic within them, blending their strengths and harnessing the power of their unbreakable bond. With each strike, the darkness weakened, until finally, a blinding burst of light erupted, dispelling the malevolence that had shrouded Everdawn for so long.

As the light settled, the realm of Everdawn reveled in newfound brilliance. Nature flourished, vibrant and alive once more. The creatures of the realm emerged from their hiding places, their spirits lifted, and gratitude reflected in their eyes. Aurora, in all her radiant glory, thanked Sarah and Mark for their bravery and selflessness, bestowing upon them a lasting gift—the eternal friendship of Everdawn, a bond that would forever connect them to the magical realm they had saved.