A Request Letter Class 8 English Exercise [New Course]

A Request Letter: Reading Exercise is from Class - 8 English. In this article you find all the exercise of the text with grammar and free writing.

A Request Letter Exercise

A. The meanings of some of the words from the above letter are given below. The words are scrambled. Unscramble and write them.

a. having qualities that you admire and respect- admirable

b. not having enough of something- lacking

c. tools needed for a particular purpose – equipment

d. large in area, amount, etc. – vast

e. the programmes used by a computer- software

B. Answer these questions.

a. Who wrote the letter?

⇒ The letter was written by the students of Grade 8.

b. Who is the letter addressed to?

⇒ The letter is addressed to the Headteacher of Adarsha Secondary School.

c. Why are the students of Grade 8 grateful to the headteacher?

⇒ The students of Grade 8 are grateful to the headteacher because they have successfully established a computer lab at their school.

d. Why are the students very happy about the computer lab?

⇒ The students are very happy about the computer lab because it provides them with the most up-to-date learning devices and helps them gain technological knowledge.

e. List the three issues the students talk about.

⇒ The three issues the students talk about are:

– Insufficient number of computers in the lab

– Only a few computers have the required software installed, limiting their learning

– The lab does not have an internet connection, preventing access to the vast world of knowledge and information

C. Mention a problem you are facing at your school. How is it affecting your study? Discuss with your friends.

We have a problem at our school because we don’t have a good library. This is affecting our studies in a big way. We don’t have access to many different books and resources that could help us learn more about different subjects. It’s hard for us to concentrate and study because we don’t have a quiet place to do our work. We also don’t have someone to help us find the right books and materials we need. Having a good library with lots of books and helpful staff would make a big difference in our learning.

Grammar II

A. These sentences are from the letter. Complete them with the missing words.

Grade eight students are grateful for the computer lab.

The lab is equipped with the most up-to-date learning devices.

It helps us gain technological knowledge too.

Only a few computers have the required software installed..

This limits our learning.

B. Rearrange the jumbled words to form correct sentences in Simple present.

work/he/in a department store.

He works in a department store.

Suman/at the weekend / do his laundry.

Suman does his laundry at the weekend.

my friends and I/once a month/go to the cinema.

My friends and I go to the cinema once a month.

give/nice gift/a/me/my neighbour/never.

My neighbor never gives me a nice gift.

playing/always/love/the guitar/Akash.

Akash always loves playing the guitar.

a doctor/mother/be/my.

My mother is a doctor.

drive/she/always/too fast/her scooter.

She always drives her scooter too fast.

the day/a lot of/work/people/during.

During the day, a lot of people work.

where/your brother/work?

Where does your brother work?

what time/your sister/every day/get up?

What time does your sister get up every day?

B. Complete the following text using the present simple form of the verbs in the brackets.

Peter Hanson starts his day at 7:00. He has his breakfast in the kitchen with all the family. He likes orange juice, toast, and milk. He always has an apple: his mother believes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” After breakfast, Peter makes his bed and tidies up his bedroom. He gets ready for lessons. He mustn’t be late, his mother is very strict. At 8:00, the other Hanson kids start their lessons. At midday, they have their lunch. Then, it’s sports time: they love playing basketball, in-line skating, and skateboarding. After a refreshing shower, the famous Hanson brothers rehearse till dinner because their fans are very demanding: they want every detail to be okay. Peter and his brothers do not have dinner with their parents as their father is always late. Their mother does not like it very much. So, on weekends, they are always together.