A Message from Another Planet: Reading Text and Exercise – Grade Nine

A Message from Another Planet 

Suren Majhi sat on the sandy bank of the Sun Koshi River. He had been fishing all day but had caught nothing. He was tired and the twilight was changing into darkness. Suddenly, in the distance over the river, Suren saw a bright object. It might be a helicopter, he thought, probably going to Diktel, but there was no noise. It came closer, and took on the shape of a saucer. It landed on the bank about 50 meters away. 

Suren got up and walked to the object. Once he had seen a film of a spaceship, probably this was one. It might have come from another planet. As he went closer, a door opened, and English 9 85 Suren was drawn into the vessel. He found himself in a room with what appeared to be a large number of control panels with flashing lights. He was frightened and almost jumped when he heard a voice saying, “Welcome to our spaceship, Suren. Don’t be afraid. Sit down on the couch behind you. “How do you know my name?” 

Suren asked. “We are from another planet and we have been observing Earth for several months. Our devices have recorded radio and television broadcasts, and we have learned to speak English, since it is the most widely-used language. By using a long-distance listening device, we learnt your name and that you are the best student in your school. We have chosen you to pass on an important message to the leaders of your nation and of the world.” “Do you think that leaders will listen to a poor kid like me?” Please open the door. I want to leave.” Suren said. “You can’t leave now, look at the screen. 

The ship is several thousand kilometers from Earth, although only a few minutes have passed. On our planet, all the resources are recycled whereas, on earth, you are wasting your resources. Soon there will be nothing left. Give your people the message that collection centers should be set up in every town and city on Earth. Cans, bottles, old household appliances, in fact, everything which is no longer in use, should be taken there and recycled.” 

Suren said, “If I tell people that I’ve been in a spaceship, they will probably think I’m joking or, perhaps, out of my mind.” “Don’t worry!” the voice said, “We’ll give you an object that will prove that what you say is true. Pick it up. It’s a tiny computer, far more advanced than any found on Earth. When it’s examined by a computer engineer, we’re sure your story will be believed.” The screen lit up, and Suren saw the world growing larger and larger. 

He saw the Himalayas and the River Sunkoshi. The screen grew dark, the door opened, and Suren stepped out onto the sand. As soon as he was out of the spaceship, it ascended at an enormous speed and disappeared. At home, before going to bed, Suren wondered whether he had been dreaming, but when he put his hand in his pocket, he could feel the tiny computer.


A. Find the words from the story as indicated in the brackets.

 a. dawn (opposite) 

b. shining (similar) 

c. took off (opposite) 

d. modern (similar) 

e. descended (opposite) 

f. great (similar) 

B. Match the words with their meanings. 

a. saucer 

i. a ship or large boat 

b. spaceship 

ii. a long comfortable seat 

c. vessel

iii. shining brightly

d. flashing

iv. a vehicle that travels in space, carrying people 

e. couch 

v. a machine that is designed to do a particular thing in the home, 

f. broadcast 

vi. a small shallow round dish that a cup stands on 

g. appliance 

vii. to send out a programme on television or radio 

C. Put the following sentences in the correct order. 

a. They gave Suren a tiny computer. 

b. The spaceship landed back on the bank of the Sunkoshi River. 

c. A voice welcomed him and asked to sit him in the couch. 

d. Suren was wondered whether he had been dreaming. 

e. Suren had been fishing when he saw a bright object over the Sunkoshi River. 

f. They wanted to send a message to the leader of Nepal and of the world. 

g. When Suren went closer to the vessel, he was pulled into it. 

D. Answer the following questions. 

a. What did Suren think about the bright object at first? 

b. Where had Suren seen a spaceship? 

c. How did Suren feel when he was drawn inside the vessel?

d. How had they known about Suren? 

e. How do they manage resources on their planet? 

f. What message did they want to pass on? 

g. Why did they give Suren a tiny computer? 

h. Do you think people will believe in Suren’s story? Give your reasons. 

E. What questions would you ask if you met someone from another planet, as in the story?